Saturday scenario: dream baby

A hypothetical for funsies, because the weather outside is… well… frightful.

Let’s say you had a mare by the hunter stallion Westporte out of a TB dam. She’s 16.3h, leggy, of medium build. Let’s say she jumped like this:

And moved like this:

I have no recent confo pictures but here’s a basic idea:

Now let’s say that you were breeding said mare with the goal of producing a marketable hunter foal. What stallion would you pick and why?

16 thoughts on “Saturday scenario: dream baby

  1. Probably Advocate for temperament and proven record. But I know jack about stallions, so there are most likely better options.


    1. I haven’t seen more than maybe one Gatsby doing the A show hunters and consistently placing well… are there more I’m missing? He’s always seemed to me like an all-around or more local level type producer, like himself.


  2. Have you looked at Amazing? Balou lines and super cute. Really quiet, but could possibly produce a chestnut, although it would definitely have a ton of chrome. Young though so his get are still under 3.

    I also love Cabardino, and have seen some lovely hunter babies produced by him.

    I’d say also to think about going with a good dressage line. I think Rosenthal might cross well with her.

    I still love Sir Caletto/Cunningham (the C line) and Paparazzo is nice but I’ve heard he tends to add a bit of blood.

    Can you tell I think about this often for Libby?


  3. Personaly, I’ve been lusting after Bliss MF for quite some time now, but that could turn out to be more of a jumper baby… He’s also young so I’m not sure any of his get are under saddle yet.

    What about somebody like Vallado/Praise? I saw some where that he tends to get passed over by mare owners because he doesn’t have the “hack winning trot” but if the mare already moves nice, not as big of deal. Hello, hunter derbies!


  4. What about Balta C’zar? I love his pedigree and he has lovely movement and conformation. Supposed to pass on a superb temperament as well. Also, you would probably end up with a dark bay with a good amount of chrome which I personally love 😉


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