A couple of important things and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday words of wisdom: 3 spin classes and 3 rides in 4 days make for a tired body.

I’m not saying PS of Sweden has a few awesome sales going on, buuuuut I’m just gonna drop this here… http://www.psofsweden.com/en/offers/. I know a few of you were talking about buying one, so get yourself a nice Christmas present. I mean really, look it in the eyes and tell it you don’t love it.

KOMBO - High Jump + High Five

Also, this is your last reminder to get those entries in for the logo contest! You have until December 31. In addition to the awesome prize pack offered to the winner, I’m offering a gift certificate for a custom Firefly bonnet to the runner-up (an $80 value) and an Ogilvy baby pad (a $40 value) to the second runner-up. Don’t forget to title your submissions CONTEST ENTRY and email them to charliebrowntb (at) hotmail (dot) com. Note that if you have several files, it’s probably best to only send 2-3 at a time so hotmail doesn’t reject them.

Everyone enjoy your holiday! From the $900 Facebook Pony – Happy Holidays!!!



26 thoughts on “A couple of important things and Merry Christmas!

  1. Not that I need a pretty anatomical bridle for my hunter, but thankfully they don’t make them in O/S! But so pretty! I love the Shine bridle and the Jump Off revolution though!


      1. Definitely need an O/S, big 17.2 beastie. And the Shine bridle they only have in a “between cob and full”. My Mark Todd is an O/S and on the middle(ish) holes for everything.


  2. I don’t even have an English saddle right now and I am seriously considering buying a bridle. Dexter needs one to go with his western saddle so he can look fancier, right? 😉


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