Review: PS of Sweden quarter sheet

When I first found PS of Sweden‘s website and began perusing all the cool stuff, their quarter sheet was one of the things that really caught my eye. It hit all my favorite criteria: it was fancy, it was navy, and it was unique.


Alas, when I made my first purchase from PS my budget was tight so I resisted adding it to my cart. Instead I just stared at it a time or two a week on their website and thought “one of these days”. Then, as if by fate, a couple months later they put it on sale for a few days – into the cart it went and I had it in my grubby little hands a week later (hats off for fast shipping).

I have had many a quarter sheet before. I will forewarn: I’m very very picky about them. I hate fleece and refuse to put it on a horse in any form. I only do wool – and not cheap acrylics, but real wool. And since I live in a climate where it’s rarely cold enough to need a quarter sheet for the whole ride, I need one that is easy to take on and off. That nixes the ones that go under the saddle, and the ones that either go under the flap or over the rider’s leg. They bug me when it’s over my leg and they’re hard to take off when they’re under the flap. So the fact that the PS quarter sheet had an attachment method that I had never seen before is really what drew me to it the most.

Exercise rug in wool
photo from PS of Sweden website

Of course I love how it looks – who doesn’t love a fancy braided hip ornament? It’s just as pretty in person as it is in pictures and I love the double cord piping. But the best part about it, IMO, is how easy it is to get on and off. On cold days I usually warm up with the sheet on and then reach down and simply unbuckle both sides (which is very very easy to do from the saddle with one hand – no contortionist skills required) and pull it off. I’ve also put it back on for the cool down and found it pretty easy to do from the saddle as well. Not quite as easy as taking it off, but pretty easy. It stays in place well while you’re riding, and the buckle is far enough back to not interfere with your leg.

Weight wise I would call it a lighter to mid weight wool. For my climate it’s plenty warm. It seems well made, I’ve used it many times now and there are no signs of premature wear or anything like that. I know some people don’t like the big branded logo on the side but I personally don’t mind it, so that’s more of an individual preference thing. I struggle to find anything negative to say about it really… I guess maybe if you have a fully clipped horse in a really cold climate it might not be thick enough? Or if you have a super giant elephant horse (like blanket size 84+) it might not be big enough.

I’ve searched for a nice wool quarter sheet for a reasonable price for years and never found one. Regular price is around $100, which IMO is a good deal. Similar quality wool quarter sheets run from around $75-200 so that puts it solidly on the lower end of that range, and none of them have this kind of (IMO ingenious) attachment design.

Bottom line? Two thumbs up. I gave my old wool quarter sheet away, and good riddance. This one has now taken up residence in my “winter riding staples” collection.

28 thoughts on “Review: PS of Sweden quarter sheet

  1. Gorgeous!! I think the buckle design is really ingenious.

    On a different, but related to PS of Sweden note, I found your review of that crazy interesting bridle you’ve got and I am not FASCINATED by this company. I will now proceed to stalk the website…


    1. I’m totally fascinated by most of their products too. I’ve been really happy with the two I’ve already got… I really appreciate that a lot of thought obviously went into the design. That bridle definitely creates a lot of buzz wherever I go, people always want to get a closer look at it. Mesmerizing… 😉


  2. I love a nice fleece product (my QS is not nice, but it works) and also enjoy wool. Loooooooove this hip decoration, but the thing that really turns me off is the GIANT branding. Remove the branding? I’d probably want this. I mean, I know retailers want to get the word out but in this case it keeps me away enough that I don’t want to buy. Otherwise, think this looks like a really great product.


    1. See, and I quite like the branding! lol I think their logo is elegant though, and I love the company… it would definitely bother me if I didn’t like the logo or the company that much. But I see where you’re coming from and know others that have said the same thing. Maybe there will be more designs offered in the future?


      1. I like their logo too, and if i was just the icon minus the name I’d probably be more for it. Think it’s a quality product though and would be curious to see more styles.


  3. Absolutely love that it is so easy to take off. Great price on sale too! I do think the branding is a bit big though. At first I actually though they were customized with the horse’s name. Now that would be cool!!!


  4. it looks so great on Henry! i don’t love the branding (and don’t really need a quarter sheet, honestly – that $$ has to go elsewhere first…) but everything else is so cute! i really like the PS of Sweden seems to have such a fresh take on old staples… (also – i went down the fleece road with a cooler and regret it: every time my mare sees a cooler or blanket she gets nervous that the static will zap her… oops!)


  5. This is probably the prettiest QS I have ever seen. However, I actually really love the ones that wrap around your legs – I like being cozy while cooling out at the end of our ride haha. Maybe they’ll make a traditional leg wrapping one, one day 🙂


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