Contest Time! You want this prize pack.

Calling all creative types – it’s time to put on those thinking caps!

I have decided it’s finally time for me to upgrade my little blog to it’s own domain name. Along with that upgrade I’d really like to roll out an official “The $900 Facebook Pony” logo. Unfortunately I’m not creative in the slightest when it comes to that stuff, so I figured why not turn it into a win-win situation and offer a contest!

Fun part first – what you win:

A prize pack with a product from each of the businesses featured on the sidebar of my blog page. From PS of Sweden you get snap-on dark brown leather running martingale rein stops and a pretty leather keychain with the PS logo. From Mango Bay, a beautiful belt of course! From Firefly Bonnets – a one of a kind baby pad with the Firefly logo, in white with black trim and lime piping. You cannot buy these anywhere, it is the only one in existence. And last but certainly not least, Luxe EQ is graciously offering a Kastel sunshirt with their logo on it. That’s a lot of awesome swag (about a $150 value but who’s counting).

PS Martingale stopper



What you need to do to win all that awesome stuff:

Please read this part, it’s important! All entries must

– include the name The $900 Facebook Pony

– be a vector logo

– if it is in color (doesn’t have to, just saying if) including some kind of blue is preferred.

– submit your best logo designs to me at charliebrowntb (at) hotmail (dot) com.

– title the email CONTEST ENTRY so I don’t accidentally junk it.

There is no limit to how many you can submit – the more the merrier. It does not have to be professional quality by any means, and I’m not expecting anything professional, just a cute logo to put on my page. Entries must be submitted by December 31. A winner will be chosen no later than January 2, 2015, and will be announced here on the blog and on Instagram. Please understand that by submitting the logo you are agreeing that I can use it on this blog, on social media, and possibly on some official “$900 fb pony” gear if I love the logo enough to wear it. If the gear happens, you will receive some of that as well. Basically you’ll be famous and have lots of cool stuff to show for it.

Ready, set, create!


31 thoughts on “Contest Time! You want this prize pack.

    1. If it’s a pixelated image type it’s very hard for me to scale larger or smaller without losing a lot of crispness and quality. Since I need to be able to use it in many different sizes, I need it to be scalable. I understand that there are converters online, although I have never used them.


      1. You definitely want to have the master image be a vector document (ie. adobe illustrator). For use on your blog the image is best to be a .png (loads faster than .jpg and has a transparent background). You will want .jpg files for printing, and .pdf files if you ever want to get it embroidered or screen printed on anything. Oh, shoot, I think I just outed myself. I guess I’ll have to find some time to work on one more little project before the holidays…That prize pack is drool worthy.


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