Henry’s in love…

With the farrier. As in, now he recognizes him on sight and stares at him lovingly with stars in his eyes the entire time he’s there.

Why, you ask? Cookies. I counted and he got no less than EIGHT cookies off the farrier by making his super irresistable “You give me cookie now, yes???” face. Farrier also talks to him, fly sprays him, rubs him, and tells him how fabulous he is. I guess I can’t blame him for being in love. But really, when Henry started licking the back of Farrier’s neck and laying his head on his back with his eyes close in pure bliss (while Farrier said “Umm… buddy…”), I came undone in hysterical fits of laughter. He loves him a lot like this:


Want to see what that looks like? Well, minus the laying his head on his back part, because I was laughing too hard to take pictures of that.

Dis is my Farrier’s bum
I love him
Hey down there, did you hear me? I LOVE YOU!
I stand here and make cute face so I’m ready when he looks at me again
Gotta be still, the Treat Dispenser is in the danger zone
Oh hai, other side. Cookie now?
Mom haaaalp, I haven’t had a cookie in at least 60 seconds!
I has the sads.
Oh god, oh god, he’s going to his truck!!! *flappy lips*
I seeeee yoooouuuu
Mmmm cookie so deliciouuusss. <3 Farrier 4Ever
Mmmm cookie so deliciouuusss. ❤ Farrier 4Ever!


On a more exciting note, my Aztec Diamond stuff arrived yesterday! Will do a full review next week after I’ve gotten a few rides and a wash or two in.




18 thoughts on “Henry’s in love…

  1. LOL! He’s too adorable. My farrier hates my gelding, but only because he likes to pick up the rasp or clippers and run away with them in his mouth like some demented puppy.


  2. Henry is super cute! Strangely, my horses love my trimmer too. He always go home well-licked… fortunately he’s got a good sense of humor!


  3. Love the photo book play-by-play, reminds me of Horse & Pony magazine from when I was a kid!
    Henry is adorabubble!!

    I truly cannot wait to read the A technology review. I think i need the blue/navy pair. So Lush ♡♡♡


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