Facebook Pony Blog Hop: Tack swap/sale

Come one, come all! Gather all your excess stuff, raid your piggy bank, and lets have some fun.

Because I’m not cool enough to have my own Blog Hop logo, nor do I want to do this regularly. Enjoy a showjumping bunny instead.

So – what do you have for sale? Or trade? What items are you looking for? We need pictures and prices and the whole 9 yards! Think of this as an opportunity to refresh your horse stuff collection.

Here’s what I’ve got to get rid of (maybe trades? not looking for anything specific but I’m always interested in browsing!):

running martingale attachment. Brown Ovation, never used – $15


Le Fash shirt, lavender with black. Size M (approx 36), only worn once. It just doesn’t go with all my navy stuff so I never wear it and it pains me to see it hanging in the closet looking unloved.  – SOLD


Cheval Fashions shirt. I have no idea how I even have this in the first place because it’s not anywhere close to my size. It’s a 14 (approx 42). Super cute though and in great shape, has a snap collar. – $45

cheval1 cheval2

Tuffrider pad, navy trim with light blue piping. I used it at two horse shows but just really prefer baby pads. Has some staining at the girth area. – $10


Pro Choice girth 54″, I’ve used it for a couple years but it’s still in great shape. Princess Henry can’t do neoprene. – SOLD


Bits! 5″ baucher and 5″ D-ring – $10 each (Baucher sold)


Horse size custom navy bonnet with dusty rose trim and a row of ivory pearls. I got this for my mare but there’s no way it’ll fit her Hippoverian head. -SOLD


Alright guys – GO!

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20 thoughts on “Facebook Pony Blog Hop: Tack swap/sale

  1. Might be interested in the le fash, if I sell enough or have stuff you wanna swap for. I’m getting a post going … but don’t not sell it if someone wants to buy it right away! 🙂


  2. Ughhhh I am a poor person and can’t afford anything BUT MAN THAT BONNET I NEED IT. The only thing controlling me is that it wouldn’t match our colors. 😉


  3. I need to go through my things this weekend. Tempted about the tuff rider pad and the girth… let me see how horrendous (or not) my barn trip is tonight.


  4. Mmmm….pretty bonnet!

    At the last moment I remembered to grab stuff from the barn as I was leaving so I could get it together for the swap today. ~feeling proud~ =D


  5. I am in the “accumulation stage” of horse ownership, so I don’t have anything to sell, but I do need some things. Like actual needs, like a girth.


  6. I don’t have pictures of all of it yet, but I will be selling:
    -stunning custom fly bonnet. Horse size with smaller 6 1/4″ ears. Black with hot pink trim, black edging, a row of pearls and one strand of white cording. Never been on a horse. $80 retail, $70 shipped.

    -rear ultra thinline shims for a trifecta pad. $20 shipped.

    -Sprenger duo loose ring. 5″. Good condition. $45 shipped.

    -5 1/4″ slow twist hunter d. Bought used a couple months ago but have never used it. $20 shipped.

    -very nice 52″ Dover leather girth. Identical to the one I bought in 2002. Very nice padding. $60 shipped.

    -no name cob sized bridle. Good schooling quality. $35 shipped.

    -5 star tack Symphony rubber reins. This line is no longer made, but these are nice. Wicket and Craig leather, leather martingale stops. They do have bite marks due to a horse that loves to chew reins. $25 shipped.

    Email rhi.fleming@gmail.com for more info.


  7. so I’m not a blogger (just a long-time reader) – but I am selling a white Ogilvy memory foam half pad. Bought it off ebay a few weeks ago for $150 and it just didn’t do what I needed it to do for my mare. So back for sale for $150. Anyone interested? emma {dot} hinke {at} gmail {dot} com – I can send pictures!


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