Fun Friday: your dream show jacket

The other day on facebook BellEqui added tons of new color sample photos for custom jackets. I have to admit, I sat there for a few minutes totally gobsmacked by the options. There are So. Many. I couldn’t even wrap my head around where to start. Honestly, I STILL haven’t wrapped my head around all of this. I could handle it when the only body color options were gray, black, navy and red with about 40ish possible collar colors. But now? Basically every color of the rainbow.


So for a fun Friday exercise… if you were building your DREAM show jacket, what colors would you pick? Body color, lapel color, and even piping if you so choose – all of the colors can be used for any part of the jacket. The standard black, gray, navy, red are still available too. Ultra conservative or ultra flashy… you decide.

BE1 BE2 BE3 BE4 BE5 BE6 BE7 BE8 BE9 BE10

I warned you there were a lot. Didn’t believe me did you?

For me I’m thinking…

1) navy with cornflower blue collarΒ and white piping


2) dark chocolate brown with french blue collar and ivory piping


3) for a fun one – dark purple with black collar and grayΒ piping. Because you only live once so why the hell not.


Ready – go!


35 thoughts on “Fun Friday: your dream show jacket

  1. I have to say, I like all of your ideas! Anything that I would create would probably be verrrrrrry similar to yours, conservative yet still fun. Although it would definitely be interesting to see someone rock a lime green jacket! πŸ™‚


  2. Oh wow, so many choices! Coming for a hunter background anything but navy is still foreign to me. Being more conservative but still wanting to have fun I might go with a hunter green body, light grey piping, and navy blue collar (also my training program’s colors – yay!). For fun, I would go with a nice rich red (my fav color), maybe white piping, and a black collar.


  3. I’m thinking chocolate coat, fawn collar, hunter piping. Or hunter coat, black collar, mint piping. Okay, I see what you mean by how difficult this to choose color combinations when the possibilities are basically endless. And now I’m thinking light grey coat, mint collar, charcoal piping. I’m going to be thinking about this allllll daayyyyyy …


  4. Loving all the options. It’s sort of a goal of mine to never have to wear a coat to show (because I think the idea of dressing up like a regency english gentleman for an athletic event is ASININE), but I do love all the colors.


  5. I think I’d be more inclined to still go for a really conservative look… the idea of CHOOSING scares me. LOL. I’d probably opt for something like a nice grey jacket with some blue piping and perhaps a black collar… I don’t know… the CHOICES!


  6. Hey Amanda, you can order my colors for my cross country vest, i am ordering a custom one and cant decide. Go to Dover and decide what color I should get πŸ™‚ I can have one color with piping and trim. Go crazy πŸ™‚ I cant decide. Remus is a buckskin. We used mint green last year for pad and cross country shirt but only borrowed a navy vest. Want my own this time (Plus i need one tired of borrowing for schooling too!) I have a friend named Kym who LOVES to spend my money for me (She reminds me of you! BTW) LOL

    Those coats are groovy but I dont know if I could do it or not, that is just so crazy to break out of the navy, black, or even hunter green crowd πŸ™‚

    Saying that my coat I ride in now i gray tweed with a pink liner. Too bad it is too big on me now (Not a bad thing but still).

    I do like all the crazy you create. Keep it going!


    1. Mint green is tough for me because I’m not super into green in general, but I would think on a buckskin you could do just about anything with chocolate or black. Whatever color you like best!


  7. Gah! All the colors! I think I could actually get brave with this one and go with some crazier colors. I think I would go with the lightest blue I could legally get away with in dressage. Then I would want a tan or brown collar and white piping. After that I would want about five more in different colors πŸ™‚


  8. Oh no. I like your chocolate jacket and purple jacket. I would also like Chocolate with chocolate and dark teal piping. And maybe chocolate with french blue with yellow piping?!? I really like the idea of a dark dark purple with a slightly lighter purple collar and very light purple piping.


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