Decisions are hard y’all (and help?)

Well I finally decided last week that the Micklem just isn’t the answer for Henry. He was a little bit better in it in some ways but worse in it in other ways, so I just couldn’t pull the trigger on buying him one. I decided to go with the figure 8 instead. After tearing up the internet for two days trying to find a figure 8 noseband that would go on my monocrown bridle and still kinda match but not be super expensive I totally gave up. Then I decided to go look at everything the local tack shop and Dover had in the store… grand total of 6 options (why you no has jumper bridles?), none of which were both the price and quality that I wanted. So again I gave up and just came home and ordered an Ovation bridle online. I’ve had a few of that brand already and I think for $135 (yay internet deals) with rubber reins they just can’t be beat. Therefore Henry does have a new bridle on route, just not a Micklem. Maybe someday we’ll upgrade to a really fancy figure 8 bridle but for now this one will do perfectly.

Stock photo
Stock photo
what it looks like with oil/use
what they look like with oil/use

I have nothing particularly exciting to report on the riding front right now. Monday we just flatted in the ring and then went out on a long trail ride around the property with a barn friend. Yesterday we flatted for a bit then I jumped a few fences on a circle, trying to both remember and execute all the things I need to work on. Sometimes I even succeeded. Henry was pretty sweaty after that (god it’s hot) so again we went on a walk around the property. When I came in to untack him there was no one else in the barn so I just pulled everything off him then slipped around the corner into the tack room to grab cookies and fly spray. I turned back around to this:

"I sees you in the cookie room!"
“I sees you in the cookie room!”

Also, remember how on Monday I talked about those awesome Peruvian made Jenny Krauss belts I saw at the horse show? Remember how I patted myself on the back for not buying one? Yeah… about that…

So I started googling/ebaying and found out that there are a few sellers out there from Peru selling them around or under $30ish bucks. $30ish bucks is a lot different than $65 bucks. I mean, I could get TWO! (See how my logic works?)

Unfortunately since I just bought I bridle (and may or may not have fairly immediate plans for a new Ogilvy cover- shhhh) I’m trying out this weird thing called self control and only allowing myself to buy ONE. The problem is I like lots of them, so I figured I’d get y’alls opinion. I narrowed it down to three finalists:


#1 Navy background with mostly pink and blue.
#1 navy background with mostly pink and blue.
White background with softer more muted tones
#2 – white background with softer more muted tones
#3 - pink and blue and yellow, not flowery. Love the pattern.
#3 – pink and blue and yellow, not flowery. Love the swirl pattern.

25 thoughts on “Decisions are hard y’all (and help?)

      1. I’m thinking greige base with navy binding and chocolate piping. I’d like something that doesn’t show dirt as easily as my white and baby blue piping. Any little bit of dirt on it makes me completely batty.


          1. Yes! I saw her pictures when I was googling greige. I love that body color. Seems like that plus navy plus chocolate would be a lot easier to keep clean. And it’d still go with all my navy and brown stuff. Important thangs… 😉


  1. Well… Don’t hate me because the belts beautiful and I couldn’t control myself… All the Facebook messages back and forth led me to purchase the navy one… And a turqoise may have been slipped in too… I bought them before I read this post… And and we live in different cities…

    Love the swirly one too!


  2. I actually don’t like any of them 😦 But I’m a plain jane kinda girl. They are very pretty though!
    And glad you made a bridle decision. I look forward to reading about how it works on him 🙂


  3. I can see how hard it is to pick one. I love the white, but white around horses is always difficult. The navy is gorgeous too! I’m glad you found a figure eight that will work, even if you did have to buy the whole bridle.


  4. A little late to the game here, but I’m voting for the blue – won’t show dark dirt so much, will look great w/denim, and w/a lot of colors breeches come in. Interesting retro 60’s “mod” flowers and color combinations.


  5. So funny! I was in Peru three or four years ago and bought a belt much like those for about $3.00 ($10 Peruvian?). I haven’t worn it in ages and would have never thought to wear it with breeches. Mine has a black background with lime green and orange designs that resemble butterflies and flowers. Maybe I’ll put it back out to wear. :0)


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