Blog Hop: Let’s Make a Baby!

This weeks blog hop from Viva Carlos is another interesting one for me. She asks: If you could/were so inclined to breed your horse WHO would you breed your horse to and Why?


My mare Sadie is away on breeding lease right now with my friend Michelle and sometime in the next couple weeks she will be bred to the stallion Mezcalero. Sadie is by Westporte out of TB mare, and Mezcalero is by Voltaire out of a Ramiro Z mare. Mez himself jumped to the Nations Cup and World Cup Qualifier level and he’s proven to be a good cross on mares with TB blood, producing World Cup qualifier winner Apache who is out of a TB mare. Michelle should get a big brown horse that will be able and happy to jump. This is also Mezcalero’s last year standing at stud and his book is full. Fingers crossed all goes well!





Video of Apache, by Mezcalero out of a TB mare. Hopefully Michelle gets one of these!


“My” other mare is one Michelle and I have partnered on, my old eventing mount Jezebel (a TB mare with an interesting pedigree for sport ). She’s had a couple foals by Valentino Z (Darco x Iveday) that have been outstanding so she is being bred back to him this week. Jezebel is all heart and has a lot of jump, as she proved to Michelle on Day 1 by jumping out of her turnout (17yo and she’s still got it). Valentino is a big puppy dog with a lot of personality and a TON of ammy-ability (we’ll pretend that’s a word). I’ve had the pleasure of riding him a few times and handling him plenty… he is kind, smart, and loves to do his job. Without a doubt he’s my favorite stallion that I have personally ever come across – it’s not just his talent, he also has such a fantastic character. Every day with Valentino is a fun day. He started his career in Europe as a Grand Prix horse, then was imported and did the Jr and A/O jumpers.



Valentino Z


Me riding Valentino!


A previous Jez x Valentino cross, 2yo Fleur. A carbon copy would be nice!


And last but not least – the actual fantasy cross… if Henry was a mare! Since we’re in total lalaland here already I’ll pick one that isn’t even available to the US: Cassini I (Capitol I x Caletto II) . He is definitely my favorite producer of all time, throwing a very consistent type of horse. Plus Henry is round and short coupled where Cassini is rangier, more rectangular. He makes scopey horses that are easy to ride and they all look so much like him. There are a ton of Jr and A/O horses out there (not to mention GP ones) by Cassini. What’s not to like?


But if I was picking one that was actually feasible, it’d probably be another Rising Star Farm stallion, Valentino’s stablemate Diabolo D’Esquelmes (Chin Chin x Carthago). DD is a big horse, good jumper type, and absolutely has springs for legs. He’s young and just getting started in his career but looks very promising. He would no doubt add some scope.

DD with his real rider


DD when I hopped on him as a 3yo. He was a super chill and well behaved baby stallion!


Poor Henry is probably really glad he’s not a mare right about now! 😉 What are some of your favorite stallions?

13 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Let’s Make a Baby!

    1. I’m definitely less into hunter stallions as I used to be but will always have a soft spot for Westporte. Although there are two right now that I really like and are jumper bred – C Quito and Ultime Espoir. Very interesting boys, can’t wait to see what they produce. And of course RSF’s boy Cartier R is headed to the derby ring this year. He’s gorgeous and super super sweet, and by Cassini!


    1. It’s hard to explain to people just how cool of a horse Valentino is. Literally ANYONE can ride him. For example: video with a kid (she’s 10 or 12yo here, I can’t remember exactly) but then he’s also so talented, as you can see in this video of him in the GP in Europe . It’s hard to find those two qualities together. I think he’s massively underused, and he’s not getting any younger.


  1. *drool*
    Love the stock your mares are producing and you are hoping to produce with them! being based in Europe those lines are in all the top GP horses, springs for legs indeed!
    Valentino sounds like an absolute pet – could use some of his influence on my spicy one…pity he’s so far away & i’m not looking to breed!
    Fingers crossed all goes well for the baby-mamas & that you can share adorable cute foal pics next year!


  2. The only stallion one of my friends can talk about is Dodon Farm’s Salute the Truth.She’s dreaming though, as her horse is a gelding (Henry syndrome?) and she won’t own mares. She’s missing out!


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