more fun derby stuff!

As I’ve mentioned a few thousand times by now, Henry and I are doing our first hunter derby this weekend. I’m pretty certain that I’m going to do something really stupid, like walk in the ring and pick up the wrong lead. Or totally eat the first fence. Or fall off. Or forget my course. Or chip every single one. But I’m hoping, really really hoping, that at least we get some good pictures before any of that happens.

Therefore I’m going to try to make Henry and I look as good as possible. I’m bribing (forcing?) Lauren from to braid him, he’ll be brushed and polished to a shine, I’m re-dying his tail, I got a new blindingly white saddle pad, and I acquired a shadbelly (for $50 it was a deal I couldn’t pass up). But once I had the shad I knew I had to have custom points. Enter: my mother. Well sort of. My mom has been a lifelong quilter, although she will give you a very solid “I AM NOT A SEAMSTRESS” at the mere suggestion of her sewing anything apparel related. Luckily she has lots of friends who also sew, including some who enjoy a challenge. One of those such friends was kind enough to take on my custom points project and she did a great job (thanks Dana!). So now I have a blue diamond pattern on the front side and a burgundy flowery pattern on the back.

Excuse my uneven buttoning that makes it look wonky.

shad1 shad2

So cross all your crossables that I am able to at least not make a fool of myself this weekend. It’d be a real shame to get the shad dirty.

I also have some exciting stuff coming in the next few days – perhaps a giveaway? You’ll have to keep tuning in to find out. 😉

13 thoughts on “more fun derby stuff!

  1. OOOOO girl you are all about custom and i love it!

    Cant’ wait to see how the derby goes and Lauren better take pictures!!

    After I have this baby and get back in the show ring- a Derby is on my to do list asap!


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