The New Normal

I always have intentions of Monday posts to recap the previous week. Those posts do not always happen these days.

As already mentioned, last week was spent working in the Luxe EQ trailer at WEC. I forgot how mentally exhausting retail is, even when it’s not busy. It takes all of my little introverted brain cells. These November shows at WEC are pretty small – there’s supposed to be double the number of horses in December – and for that I was kind of grateful. I mean, not the best thing for business, but whew. It’s been years since I did this.

I did have fun perusing everything in the trailer though, and trying on like… dozens of things. I discovered that Samshield clothing seems to fit me like a dream (naturally, because it’s effing expensive) and that no matter how hard I try or how badly I want it, Kask helmets don’t fit my head. Which is probably good for my wallet, because I looooved this one:


On Saturday night I stayed after close and had dinner with some barnmates, and got to snuggle what is now I suppose my emotional support weiner, Olive. She also helped me make a TikTok for the shop, because this is definitely a dog worthy of social media fame.

Hillary got some video of us flatting yesterday

I was still able to ride Presto during those days, by getting up extra early so I could be done with him by 8am and then jet off to WEC. He has been pretty darn good lately, and is filling out a ton. You can tell that 6yo year is just around the corner – he’s a different horse now than he was in May. We’ve got a jump lesson today and then a dressage lesson on Friday, trying to get in all the prep and tune-ups before we hit all the shows in December. I can’t believe we’re already halfway through November. What the actual heck.

This week I’ve been making videos for clients, prepping the breeding data for the live stream of the PetersonSmith Barnstaple Educational 3 Day Event (I hope y’all have heard about this, it’s SO COOL), and getting a couple breeding consultations prepped. Also Megan is at the Goresbridge sale this week and she’s been sending me some of her favorites to get my thoughts on their pedigrees. I have some peak FOMO about Ireland at the moment.

I did get myself these super glittery spur straps though, which def helped me feel better.

One other thing – massive shoutout to Bobby who absolutely SLAYED at Nationals with Carlson. National Champion 2nd Freestyle AA, Reserve Champion 2nd AA, Reserve Champion 3rd AA, and 3rd place 3rd level Freestyle AA. He’s a pain in the ass but he’s my pain in the ass, and I’m so happy to see him doing well with this horse.

I’ll be back later this week with more updates, when I have a little more time. Hope everyone is having a good week!

4 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. I love those spur straps!!!

    I hear you about helmets that fit your head. For YEARS Tipperarys were the only ones that fit me at all (well, that I tried on, because if the helmet is $500+ it doesn’t matter how well it fits, my wallet says no). I wanted Charles Owen to fit so badly. Lucky for me, Tipperary FINALLY made a helmet that’s “acceptable” in show rings AND has MIPS. Took them long enough.


    1. SO COOL, thanks for sharing that link! As I’m not “into” dressage myself I haven’t been following the National results but when it’s Bobby, it’s super-exciting. He’s sure come a loooooong way from his Wintec saddle – looking very smart indeed these days. Amanda, you were a terrific influence!


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