Foal Friday: The Weaning Supervisors

And when I say supervisors I mostly just mean the extremely unhelpful onlookers that tended to just stir the pot even more (ahem Presto).

Shocking, I know

These guys all thought the weaning process was VERY interesting. To be fair, nothing that interesting ever happens here, so it was the most entertainment they’ve had in a while. Except for the entertainment that Presto produces for himself on a daily basis.

Lex was also very interested
he even wore his best Spanish Moss hat for the occasion

Naturally Gemma was the one who just kind of stood there and watched, whereas all the boys were inserting their assistance in the form of yeehaws.

there she is
there she is again
aaaaaand still

Her version of standing and watching is VERY vigilant. Like… perhaps borderline stalkery.

And then there was Blue, one of the surrogate mares. She was the least impressed.

This is, unfortunately, the last *planned* Foal Friday that I have for the year. I’m not ruling out anything, because you never know, but… this is it folks. No more bebe’s until spring. Maybe I need to do a post about all the foals expected next year? I don’t think I’ve done that yet…

7 thoughts on “Foal Friday: The Weaning Supervisors

  1. Yes, I’d love to see what foals are expected for next year! I love all the breeding info you have on them. Also, some “where are they nows” would also be awesome too! If the owners are okay with participating of course.


  2. It appears as if you have just gotten Presto a tonne more friends and he cannot wait to meet them!
    It would be great to hear about all the upcoming babies, and their breeding.


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