It’s Pratoni Time

Anyone else up at 4am to watch the live action from Pratoni? No? Just me. That’s fair. Honestly I was awake anyway, and I spent so long (like… 3 days) making the breeding data spreadsheet for it that I now feel like I absolutely must watch. Not such a hardship though, I do love these big Championship events. If you want to follow along here’s the link to watch (it’s a paid subscription service but it does offer a free trial month, so you can sign up and then cancel after).

We’ve also got the breeding data spreadsheet up on the BRC webstore. This might be the best one yet, I feel like we learn a little bit more with each one, and this time I went down some seriously wild rabbit holes to get some missing data. Like… WhatsApping people in the Netherlands and Australia. It’s fine.

The end result is that we’ve got a ton of data that the results site doesn’t, and some that isn’t in any of the main databases either, so there’s that. I find it endlessly fun to sort and filter everything in different ways. Cheap thrills, y’all.

I should also have an article coming out sometime today on Eventing Nation on some of the familial connections of the horses at Pratoni – keep an eye out for that. If you missed my article from earlier this week about the incredible depth of the mare families of the Burghley top 10, you can read that one here. I hope I’m not boring anyone to death with the breeding stuff but for real there are some tidbits that are just so fascinating.

I’ve got a busy day today getting live stream data ready for PF, so I can’t linger, but what a great week/weekend to watch some good eventing!

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