Foal Friday: West to East

The next batch of horses arrived in Florida from WTW West yesterday! Pippa, Teddy, Inca, Quinlee, Vee, and Peyton.

Ok Teddy, we see you.

They got here late yesterday afternoon (just before a storm came, naturally) and are settling in well. I don’t think Peyton has lifted her head from the grass since she got here. The yearlings went into their own turnout last night and today will move over to the field with the TB yearling fillies.

Pippa enjoying the sunrise
and Teddy too

This, unfortunately, probably marks the end of regular Foal Fridays for this year. I’ll do my best to get some pics for the next couple weeks, but then it’ll be weaning time for Quinlee, and any pics after that will be on Patreon.

meeting Mina

In a few more weeks a couple more mares will join us from Texas, and then it’ll be sBs inspection time! I’ll definitely get and share pics of that.

Teddy is skeptical

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Foal Friday: West to East

    1. WTW bought the Florida farm so they could expand and free up space at the Texas farm for breeding. Amanda manages the Florida farm, working for Willow Tree Warmbloods.


  1. Foal Fridays are wonderful, and I hate to see them end. The babies are wonderful. Are you planning to share your routines/plans as the Young Horse Manager for WTW here, or is that a Paetron exclusive?


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