Foal Friday: Wipeout

Ok this time I am actually aware that it’s Saturday. I tried to post this yesterday and WordPress barfed all over itself and deleted the post, and I didn’t have time then to redo it, so here we are. Just do me a favor and pretend it’s Friday.

I’m not the only one on the strugglebus, because Baby Quinlee also had a bit of an oops this week. Y’all don’t even know how hard it is to be a baby horse. One minute you’re yeehawing around the pasture, as one does.

And then the next minute… uh oh. Oh no. Too much hay. Too fast. Too many legs.

Next thing you know you’re riding the Lawn Dart Express down to get a Dirt Sandwich.

Gotta get up quick, hopefully no one noticed
shit, it’s the lady with the camera
Hey lady, you’re ruining my image!

The real question is, though… did she learn her lesson?

Of course not.

Happy weekend!

3 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Wipeout

  1. It’s ok Baby Quinlee, so many of us have been there with you on the Lawn Dart Express to the Dirt Sandwich. Big hugs! ❤


  2. Thanks, Camera Lady! Glad BQ was not injured and continued her day of romping around and having all the pony fun she could muster. And, Amanda, since I retired every day is whatever day I want it to be – Laundry Day, Quilt Meeting Day, Church Day, Take DH or Self to Dr Day, Library Day, Grocery Day, and my fav – What is the Pony Doing Today Day. My weeks are full; don’t know how I had time to work all those years.


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