Foal Friday: Girl Squad

Although Quinlee is the only foal this year, she hasn’t been lacking for company. Inca has been pretty tolerant of other horses interacting with her baby (ok, in all honesty I think Inca is like “you want her? take her!”) so Michelle has been able to put Inca and Q out in the field with the yearling fillies. Both Pippa and Teddy are still young enough to be nice to the baby, and close enough in size to not put her in any danger when they get to playing. The three of them have become pretty good friends, and now they’re the official Girl Squad.

These three ❀ Large, medium, and small.
When I said Teddy was close to her size, I was NOT EXAGERRATING. Pony yearling vs warmblood foal.

They spend a lot of time together, these three, doing everything from shenanigans to gossiping to just contemplating baby horse life. Sometimes they stand around just looking like they’re having serious baby horse chats.

what do you think they’re talking about?

At least until the baby side of Q wins over and before you know it she’s gotten distracted and started gnawing on the fence.

Teddy’s face tho

And while Inca doesn’t do a lot of reprimanding or chaperoning, their field neighbors some of the other mares, and ya know who’s ALWAYS up for playing Fun Police?

Stormie’s like “um excuse me what do you think you’re doing, twerp?”

And while Quinlee definitely loves her horse friends, she’s also really into her human friends too. Like… it can be hard to get pictures of her sometimes because she sees a human coming and makes a beeline for them.

hopping over a drainage ditch to come say hi

Especially when said human brings a squad with them too, plus fun things to play with, eat, or drink. All of Q’s favorite things.


Which is why so many of her pictures end up coming out like this…


She was born a social butterfly and apparently that particular quality is here to stay. Especially now that she’s got her very own posse of fillies. Lord help whatever colts are born next year, can you imagine having a whole crew of big sisters like these?

4 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Girl Squad

  1. Quinlee looks to have such a fun little personality! Also, Teddy is growing into the prettiest pony. My first love, who I had for 26 years, was a dappled smutty buckskin – so I have a soft spot for buckskins, grullas, duns and the like. I frequently get β€œbad” ideas of breeding my homozygous black mare Oldenburg to a cremello πŸ˜…


    1. That DOES sound like a bad idea but if you find a DUN stallion to breed to then it’s a fabulous idea and we should talk πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚


      1. I do know better than to breed for color but I have a weakness πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I say cremello because it gives me 100% chance of buckskin as long as the stallion is AA (mare is Aa) but I would surely love a nice dun- something about those golden coats just gets me! And Teddy is just PERFECT 🀩 her color, markings, face… everything!


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