But Will There Be Tacos

The truly gross heat finally made it to Florida last week and now I’m officially willing to say that it’s hot. Still doesn’t have that “searing the insides of your lungs” quality that Texas has, but by the time I’m done riding in the morning I am well and truly soaked with sweat, usually dripping a trail behind me wherever I go.

Because of that, we’ve made some adjustments to our routine.

good soup

I’ve started riding earlier, and then feeding after I ride. This means I’m on the first horse by 6:30 and they get fed around 9. I go out at 5:50ish, throw them a flake of alfalfa, come back in and eat breakfast and change, and then go back out to grab the first horse. They’re still getting used to this, and seem slightly offended to be the last horses on the farm to get fed. Presto in particular was PISSED AS HELL the first day.

look at that shoulder reach tho

He had a tantrum of fairly epic proportions that day. It’s hard being 5. I told him he should write a letter to the ASPCA, maybe they’d come save him from this clearly abusive situation.

I’ve also upped their salt intake and started soaking some pellets to go in their meals. Presto and Gemma are excellent sweaters, which is great, but they also do sweat A LOT in the humidity, so I want to make sure they’re staying hydrated. Henry of course is not a great sweater, so as soon as it gets above 90 degrees he has to come inside, get hosed off, and stand in front of his fans eating hay all afternoon like the absolutely rotten princess that he is. And since he has to come in, they all have to come in, so they’re all rotten princesses by default. Afternoon shower with a buffet and nap time in front of a fan. These other half-feral 24/7 pasture dwellers around here wouldn’t even know what to do with that.

He desreves all of his royal treatment

I’ve also backed off on the intensity of their rides a bit. I’m still riding them as often, but I’m careful not to get them too hot. Gemma and Presto cope with it pretty well, but I’m definitely quite careful with Henry. On the days that I ride him, I always ride him first, and I keep the actual “work” parts of his rides short and sweet.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to do a lot of hacking. Gemma and Presto have both had an excursion in the “snackamore” now, and they were both very good. Gemma loves to explore, and we’ve been checking out the big empty front pasture and it’s little mini-swamp. I’m determined to find a gator but so far no luck. Since Henry is a more trustworthy and very road-broke horse, I’ve been walking him farther and farther down the roads in each direction, exploring the neighborhood. He thinks that’s pretty fun.

just a bebe TB (with lots of Swat)

This past weekend was the first Saturday night GP of the summer season, so I met up with a local friend at WEC for tacos and showjumping. That’s my version of a fantastic social outing. Granted, my friend suggested the showjumping, I suggested the tacos… I have priorities, ok? I got there at 6:30, made a beeline for the taco place, and by 7 I was settling into my seat with a lap full of food. I wasn’t sure how packed it would be since it was the first one of the summer (on one hand, it’s been a few months since the last Saturday night GP, on the other hand, the first week or two of this series isn’t as highly attended) but there were plenty of seats. We got front and center right by the triple combination and I was definitely living my best life. The tacos alone were enough to make me happy. WEC does a pretty darn decent food game, I gotta be honest, pretty much everything I’ve had from the various restaurants there has been good. The taco place is my favorite though.

cute little irish horse
The sunset was insane

Yesterday afternoon we finally got some rain, which helped cool things down tremendously. Once that storm passed it dropped the temperature 20 blessed degrees. It was glorious. I’d brought the horses in during the storm, and when I went to turn them back out they were all WILD AF. Even Henry was doing dolphin laps in his paddock.

they’re all 3 waiting for the cue to explode

Today is a little cooler, which is nice, because it’s farrier day. Off to meet him now. Hope everyone else had a great weekend and isn’t melting too badly, wherever you are!

3 thoughts on “But Will There Be Tacos

  1. Presto’s eyeball in that last photo tells all! Haha.

    It’s about 45-50 degrees and raining today in Montana. No melting here and my Arab keeps giving me dirty looks because (according to her) she’s a Desert Princess and is Over this cold/wet/rainy shit. As for me, I spent the weekend camping (ok, in a rustic cabin) at a local hot springs and I LOVED the fact I got to make a campfire since, for once, there are no fire bans in effect (a true rarity for the area in the summer!)


  2. Um… I wanna watch a GP and eat tacos!
    Glad the heat wave broke for you, hope it stays less humid for a bit! It’s been cool here (low 70’s for highs) but the wind. Ugh. It’s always something I guess… But the 30mph winds were a lot to deal with this weekend. My horses were all idiots. (Except Shiny, because she doesn’t have time for such nonsense.)


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