Foal Friday: Mommy and Me

While Quinlee definitely got some of that beefcake booty from her dad, there’s no doubt that she still looks a whole lot like her dam, Inca. Especially in the face.

Quinlee is pretty independent overall (which was originally much to Inca’s annoyance, but she gave up a long time ago) generally preferring to insert herself right in the middle of the herd, although every once in a while she does like to hang out with her mom. Coincidence that those times happen mostly when the human is outside with a camera? Probably not. We all know Quinlee’s affinity for having her photo taken. And the pics she deigns to take with her mother? They can be pretty cute.

Ok, sometimes.

“MOOOOM, I’m doing my best alien abduction pose for all my fans and you’re BLOCKING THE SHOT”
Inca says “omg this little brat, SOMEONE COME GET YOUR KID, IT’S KICKING ME… oh shit it’s my kid…”

Inca, bless her heart. Every single day she’s wondering who signed her up for this motherhood thing. She loves her kid and all, but… she also seems like she’s really looking forward to weaning time and getting some alone time back.

They do eventually get their ish together sometimes though and manage to sync up for some cute Mommy and Me pics. Mostly at speed, since that’s one thing they can both agree on: zoomies rule.


Oh wait, hang on… quick snack break.

Ok, good to go again.

Admittedly they aren’t always the best at coordinating their flattering moments…

one noble, one derp

But sometimes they do manage to get it exactly right.

ditch-jumping twinsies

Happy Friday, everyone!

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