Breed.Ride.Compete.’s Official Soft Launch

Midday update: we sold out in an hour! Will let y’all know when we plan on opening up more spots!

It’s the day we (ok, maybe just I) have been waiting for – the official (soft) launch of Breed.Ride.Compete. to the public!

Well, ok… ish. I did buy the domain name and put up a basic website as a placeholder, but it doesn’t have details or any commerce ability yet. We’ve obviously already been providing data to live streams (the Kentucky shoutout was fun!), and we did offer the pdfs and excel spreadsheets of the Kentucky data on Etsy. That went… a lot better than I expected. We’ll be doing the same sort of data for Luhmuhlen, so keep an eye out for that.

BRC is about a lot more than just live stream data though, and I wanted to get started on one of the main offerings that I’m excited about, and probably the thing that’s been most requested: custom pedigree reports. Since we have limited capacity (and don’t want to bite off more than we can chew, so to speak) I thought it would be best to launch all of our offerings in stages and at set quantities. That means, to start out with, we’re only offering 5 custom pedigree reports for the month of June. Once we get a better idea of how time-consuming those end up being, we’ll either offer the same thing in July or open up more spots. What we don’t want to do is open it up completely as a free-for-all and not be able to put out the kind of product that I want. So – better to start small!

To celebrate the official (soft) launch, we’ll also be offering these first 5 at 20% off.

Let’t talk details.

Here’s what we require: For now we are limiting these to thoroughbreds and warmbloods only. If it’s a TB, we only require the registered name. If it’s a warmblood we need either a photo of the papers or a link to the pedigree (it’s possible that we can find the horse without this, but please contact me to check before you pay!)

Here’s what you get: a 3-5 page pdf report with details about your horses ancestors, information on what else they produced, what the bloodlines are known for, any siblings or other related horses of note, photos, etc. These reports are really geared towards riders and owners who aren’t very familiar with the breeding world, interested in knowing more about their horse, but don’t know how or where to do the research (or don’t want to spend hours spiraling into the abyss). If you have any follow-up questions related to any of the information in your report, we’ll be happy to discuss those with you too!

And the fine print: If for whatever reason we are unable to gather enough data to complete a satisfactory report, we will issue a refund. We will complete these on a first come, first served basis, with the expectation of having all 5 completed in the month of June.

Since we don’t have the commerce part of the website up yet, we’ll sell these 5 spots through our Etsy account here. Thanks for the support, we’re excited to kick things off!

Also keep an eye out on the BRC facebook and instagram pages, we’ll be doing some fun giveaways this summer (we hope you like swag)…

15 thoughts on “Breed.Ride.Compete.’s Official Soft Launch

    1. If you know the sire and dam’s name we can work off that, but if you aren’t sure about parentage you would need to work with Jockey Club to see if the horse can be identified via DNA.

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  1. I’m so excited for you! I hope this new venture goes well, and if you ever expand your sources to include Arabs, let me know. Haha. (Though I already know a lot about my horse, I learned it in bits and pieces over the years and would have LOVED to have it all succinctly summarized early on!)

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  2. Congrats! Sorry I missed out before they sold out. I’ve found some info on my horse’s pedigree, but I’d love a straightforward summary of what it actually means without having to dig around (and figure out where to dig around!) Hope to sign up next month!


  3. Congratulations! Can’t wait for you to release more custom pedigree reports! I’d love to support your business and am so excited to see your success so far! This is such a positive addition to North American horse sports having a company dedicated to the research and promotion of breeding in North America!

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  4. Oh man, I missed out but I will keep an eye out for next month. I know nothing about thoroughbreds and have minimal time/experience to look up stuff on my own. Plus, since I know so little most of it ends up being kinda meaningless to me. This service is right up my alley and since I now have 2 OTTBs that I adore, I’d love to use your business to get information about them both. Once more spots open, I’ll be signing up!!

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  5. Congratulations! That sounds like a really neat service – almost like an Equine No doubt you sold out quickly, as it truly is easy to spiral and get overwhelmed. It would be very interesting if somewhere down the line you can link a genetic panel like the one you did for Gemma into the pedigree (just the client horse, not their ancestors).


  6. Congratulations on the launch and selling out! That is such a cool service and I am sure that it will be very well received.


  7. Hello – I believe I was able to purchase one of the 5 on Esty, it went through, but I have not received an email confirmation yet. Thank you/


  8. Well this is an awesome idea! Would you be willing to put up an example of what the report will look like? Seems like a fun gift for a friend I know who just bought a WB baby.


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