Foal Friday: Say Cheese (er… Queso?)

Poor little baby Quinlee aka Quesadilla aka Queso has also added the nickname “Cheese” to her growing repertoire of titles. Which, to be fair, Cheese suits her just fine. Exhibit A:


She thinks she’s a supermodel and loves to go around posing for pictures, ears perked and giving the camera her best little baby horse smolder. Cheese definitely isn’t lacking in the self-confidence department. I mean look at her.

did you get the picture, human?
make sure you get all the angles and lighting, human, so I can pick my favorite

If she was a person I think she’d be one of those Instagram models that spends all day taking 100 selfies to find just the right one to post.

gotta get the booty angle, booties are all the rage these days

She even manages to look like she’s posing as she (very deliberately, I suspect) runs back and forth past the camera. Hopefully this means that she’ll grow up to be one of those horses that always has great horse show pictures with a perfect expression and textbook form.

make sure you get my good side, human!
just kidding, every side is my good side, DUH

She’s such a ham. Ham and cheese? Oh no, the nicknames just keep coming.

I also want to congratulate Samantha P. of Maine on her purchase of Quinlee Quesadilla Queso Cheese! It’s always exciting when the foals find perfect homes and we think this one is a great match.

Happy Friday!

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