IR list updates

It’s cool how 2 of my 3 horses are currently on the Injured Reserve list right now. Granted, when I bought Gemma she was on the IR list already, and Presto did his *whatever the fuck* in a stall 3.5 hours away, so I’m not taking blame for either of them. Ok maybe I should have raised Presto to be less of a general nuisance by like… shackling all his legs together on a regular basis or something.

I don’t think anything short of an exorcism will remove his natural level of mayhem

Also both of the IR list horses have looked sound for their entire rest periods. Presto somehow managed to be 3/5 lame before his MRI, and then it was like as soon as he felt the money (ALL THE MONEY, FFS) leave my bank account, he was like “ah yes that feels much better” and has yet to take so much as a lame step at Michelle’s. I think this horse is trying his absolute best to take as many years off my life as possible. He is succeeding.

Originally they recommended 3 months of rest after his MRI, then a re-check. It’s been not quite 2 months, and I’m kinda just looking at him like hmm… now what. Since, ya know, he’s looked quite freaking sound as he’s pranced and reared and bucked around his little paddock for the past month (also doing his best to take as many years as possible off Michelle’s life). At this point there’s no rush though, even if he was ready to go back to work I don’t really want to add another one to my plate here right now, and Megan is in Ocala for another month, so… may as well wait a few more weeks for his re-check appointment. He did get some body work done though.

hhmmmm she seems nice

Luckily Gemma has been a more well-behaved patient. Leave it to the OTTB chestnut mare to be less chaotic and easier to deal with than the bay warmblood gelding. I can tell she’s absolutely bored out of her mind in her little paddock, but she’s still been very polite and on her best behavior. Every couple weeks or so she’ll have a minute or two where she just stands there and bucks in place, then she’s back to napping. It’s kind of amusing, honestly.

it’s slightly embarrassing how quickly she turned into a treat hound

I can tell she’s just dying to get out in the pasture though, especially to have some GRASS. She loves to graze and dives headfirst into it any time I take her out. Plus she’s really plateau’d with her weight gain and I think the only thing that’s going to help at this point is some actual pasture. She just doesn’t eat hay very well or very enthusiastically. I think being able to actually graze would make a big difference.

Luckily her re-check appointment is tomorrow, so I’m hoping we get some good news and that she can be cleared for more/bigger turnout. Other than being a little footsore behind every once in a while (since we pulled the hind shoes) she’s continued to look great since the day she got here – always looks sound and she’s never had any heat or swelling in her RF, so hopefully that bodes well.

she does like to turn manure buckets over though

It would be really nice if, by April, none of my horses were on the IR list at all. Surely that isn’t too much to ask? SURELY? We’ll find out soon I suppose. Cross all your crossables for Gemma’s appointment tomorrow, I will accept all the good juju.

7 thoughts on “IR list updates

  1. Definitely sending good rehab/recovery vibes!! You may already have tried this, but I’ve been really happy with Hoof Armor on my footsore horses after pulling shoes (Simon) and because old and fragile (Jaguar). I get it from Riding Warehouse. 🙂


    1. I know quite a few folks who love the Hoof Armor as well, and with it have successfully completed endurance rides on a totally barefoot horse (as opposed to using hoof boots for competition).


    2. She’s only been sore a couple times – after it was muddy (so soft feet), when walking across the gravel driveway, so I’m inclined to just keep doing the Durasole and give her more time. On grass or sand she always looks fine. Once she’s back in full work we will go back to 4 shoes. I’ll keep the Hoof Armor in mind though if she gets worse for some reason.


  2. I second the Hoof Armor recommendation. When I still had my guy I had been using Durasole and switched to Hoof Armor. It seemed to work better. YMMV. I also got mine from Riding Warehouse – it was the least expensive place I could find at the time to get the starter kit.
    Fingers crossed for Gemma and Presto.


  3. Sending all the good juju Gemma’s way! I feel this particular predicament you’re in deep down in my soul. Hopefully very soon you’ll have more sound horses than you know what to do with!


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