The Time is Upon Us

Well guys, next week is it – Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday. It has caught me completely off guard this year (how the f did it get to be the middle of November already?) and I realized yesterday that I’m already way behind the eight ball on starting to prepare my equestrian Black Friday Sales post. I both love and abhor that list, if I’m being honest. It’s gotten me some great deals but it’s also a mega huge pain in my ass to put together and maintain. Normally I run several updates, adding sales a few times a day each day in that time period. This year I’m going to be away from my computer on Friday and Saturday, so I’m trying to start gathering sale information early to get as many in that initial post as possible. Thus, if you’re a company with plans for a BF/SBS/CM sale, please send me the info (via my contact page) as soon as possible to make sure I can get you included early on.

12 Things to Do on Black Friday Instead of Shopping | Shape

In other news, Henry would like everyone to know that despite his near death experience (his words) he seems to have recovered use of his broken limb (his words). It was touch and go there for a while (his words) but he thinks he may just pull through after all.

Naturally I’m talking about his abscess. He was fairly convinced that this was the end for him, because his drama level is always 11, but we got it sorted out.

cookies is medicine, halp me

I had a feeling that the abscess was trying to come out under his shoe, because that’s what they do EVERY TIME with him despite my best efforts to pull it elsewhere. On Monday I texted the farrier and asked if he might be in the area anytime in the next few days and would have time to stop by and pull that shoe off. Luckily he doesn’t live super far from me and has other clients around, so he said he would stop by on his way home that afternoon. As soon as we pulled it I knew I was right, you could smell it immediately. Vomit. I got some on my hand the other day when I was changing out his animalintex wrap and I thought the smell was never gonna come off my skin. I’m not normally sensitive to smells but I legit gagged.

um, yep

It was gross, and oozing some seriously nasty black goo. The farrier dug out a tiny bit just to make a better track for it to drain, and I opted to just leave the shoe off for now since Henry is on the schedule to be re-shod after Thanksgiving anyway. It’s a hind foot and I’ve got hoof boots, so he should be fine until then and I can keep it cleaner. The hole itself is actually quite small.

Henry hates wearing his glitter-boot-of-shame on a hind foot but he’s already like 98% better and it seems to be almost done draining now. I’m glad we pulled his shoe off for sure, it’ll drain and heal a lot faster. Funnily enough this is the exact same foot and almost the same spot as where he blew his last abscess, almost exactly 6 months ago. Against all odds (his words) he’s survived two near death experiences (his words) in one year. What a trooper.

7 thoughts on “The Time is Upon Us

  1. I also live for your Black Friday list, I share it with literally everyone I know (I don’t care if they have horses, maybe they’ll get something for me? Haha), and I am always IN AWE of the work you put into it.

    Oh Henry. Life is rough.


  2. Poor Henry. Of course he was worried when he saw the bright light and heard angels singing. You and I would call those the sun and the radio, but we’re not abscessed foot Henry.


  3. hahah Henry the drama llama. Love him. It is so funny how some horses are like dead on arrival with an abcess. Tate the pony I had was like literally three-legged lame for days. i thought he broke a leg. SMH.

    Glad he is recovering from his near death experience 😉 What a guy. love me some Henry!


  4. Is it common for them to keep having abscesses in the same spots? I’ve somehow managed to go without more than one abscess issue…


  5. Time is flying, that’s for sure. Thanks for doing the list, hopefully I don’t fall prey to too much on it…
    Glad Henry is making a miraculous recovery from his near death experience. He’s so brave!


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