Foal Friday: Stick with what you’re good at

By now we all knows that each of the foals has their own particular strengths and talents. Like, for instance, Patrick’s ability to throw shade and judgement with just a single glance.

no he’s not speckled, he was standing in the sprinkler, and he’s not impressed with you

It’s honestly kind of spectacular. Those eyes. I feel very judged. It reminds me a lot of Presto (who is always judging me and finding me unworthy). Of course, Patrick also excels at llama face, moreso than any of the others by a long shot. All facial expressions are a real strong suit for him, his range is impressive.


Obi’s strength is in his lion-esque tendencies. He plays with his brother much the way a lion takes down a zebra – either a big ol’ wither chomp and attempt to bring him to the ground, or just heading straight for the jugular. Obi might be an apex predator. Jury’s still out. He’s even got a lion-looking mane.


He does at least allow Patrick to return the favor, though.

Ok now you nom me

Teddy is the master of always feeling extremely superior in any situation, even though she’s the smallest of the bunch by a long shot. She’s the most clever and she knows it, so she always looks at them as if she thinks she lives with a bunch of idiots.

there’s a lot of judgment in this one’s eyes too, along with a smug sense of superiority

Of course, despite her clear excellence she’s not exactly the picture of elegance and grace that she’d like to think she is.

oh yeah, deep booty scratch
What are you looking at?

The elegance and grace (or as much as baby horses can have anyway) really all belongs to Pippa, let’s be honest.

so dignified. such manners.

This week Percy, dear sweet innocent loveable goofy little Perce, decided to try out a new role. He thought maybe, just maybe, he could be an apex predator like Obi. And um, well… you be the judge on how that one went.


Poor Percy. Maybe just stick with what you’re good at, kid.

looking cute and getting every radio station with 100 miles with those ears

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Stick with what you’re good at

  1. So good to catch up with FF – love Patrick’s facial expressions, but all the ponies look great to me. Glad you got some time with Presto, too. H had a heart attack on 8/17, so that has put a brake on my fun stuff but your blog is the first to get back to. Anyway, he’s doing pretty good. We were told it was a “widow maker” but I called EMS as soon as I thought it might be a HA (even though he didn’t want me to). He was at ER & in surgery in a couple of hours for a stent and we came home about 48 hours after that. Have fun with your animals.


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