Foal Friday: Patrick WTW

Yay, another new baby! I gave y’all a couple sneak peek pictures this week because he’s just too cute to keep under wraps for 5 whole days, but now he finally gets his official introductory post. Say hello to Patrick WTW!

oh hi there

If you didn’t squee at him already then you need to check yourself. This is high quality, top end squee material, this colt. Obviously he will go gray, and his little gray eyeliner and gray nose are just too much.

As a reminder in case it’s hard to keep track (because it is hard to keep track) this cutie is by Faustino de Tili (1.60m showjumper) out of Chanel Z (1.40m showjumper), and born to surrogate mare Lark. She’s settling into the mom life and doing a good job, and it’s exciting to have the first WTW embryo transfer foal on the ground. Patrick is definitely a stunning colt and looks like he’s going to grow into a really nice horse – he’s got a gorgeous face and now that he’s starting to unfold a bit you can tell that he’s nicely put together.

he’s got a lot of presence already

Patrick (who has already picked up the nickname Pattycakes) hasn’t been out in the big pasture yet (hopefully next week once the rain clears up!) but Michelle was at least able to snap some pics of him hanging out in his paddock before the rain hit so we could get a good look at him. He’s definitely not as next-level spunky as Pippa (few are), but as he’s gotten more comfortable with his legs and steadier on his feet he’s looking really athletic for sure. He’s got super quick reflexes and can already ping off the ground pretty well, even in this smaller space.

airborne already

What he’s particularly good at so far, though, is posing. I think he’s going to be this foal crop’s supermodel – he really knows where the camera is and knows how to work it. It’s pretty clear that he’s fully aware of how cute he is and isn’t shy about making sure it’s well captured on film. He’s gotta make sure we get every angle, since they’re all adorable. I mean, he is REALLY cute, he’s not wrong.

He’s also already starting to show some of his personality. The foals really do hit the ground with their own distinct personalities, and they become even more apparent over the first few days. Where Pippa is fiery, confident, and independent, Patrick is a little more sweet and cuddly, although still pretty darn confident. He’s definitely more of a “dude”, pretty typical for the colts, with a little more goofiness showing.

nom nom delicious

Of course, since he’s a colt he will be available for sale. I think Michelle is really crossing her fingers that the full sibling (that Chanel is carrying) will be a filly. We’ll see in a couple weeks! They’ll be fun to compare, either way.

For those wondering what Pippa is up to, we’ll have more pics of her next week, but of course she did have to make her presence known while Patrick was having his first glamour shots taken. Michelle looked over her shoulder and saw this.


She’s hilarious. Never a dull moment with that little firecracker, that’s for sure. Can’t wait to see how the dynamic unfolds once Pippa and Patrick meet! I have a feeling he’ll have his little hooves full with that one…

10 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Patrick WTW

  1. These photos make me want a babe again so badly it hurts. Patrick’s graying eye rings are utterly irresistible.


  2. Please put him together in a field STAT! The cuteness level is overwhelming. Michelle must be so proud of the 2021 foals so far!


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