2021 Baby Bets Contest

Insert some EDM and cue the lights because IT IS TIME for the best part of the entire year – foaling season!

This year we’ve got seven, yes SEVEN, foals due at Willow Tree Warmbloods. The biggest foal crop ever, and extra exciting with two sets of full siblings coming via embryo transfer. It will be fun to see how they compare.

First and foremost lets get to the good stuff: prizes. This year we decided to make it easy and offer a $100 e-gift card to the winner, and you can choose whether you would like for it to be from Corro or Riding Warehouse. Yup, somebody will get a hundred bucks just for guessing the stats on some cute baby horses.

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he’s enjoying the EDM

We’ll do the rules just like always. All you have to do is exercise those psychic powers and comment here with your guesses for the following, for each foal:

  • Foaling Date
  • Foaling Time (doesn’t have to be to the minute accurate, just to the hour is fine – ie 2AM. If it happens anytime in the 2AM hour, you get the points.)
  • Gender
  • Color
  • Face Markings (star, stripe, star/snip, none, etc)
  • Leg Markings (again doesn’t really have to be as specific as sock vs stocking or whatever – “one sock”, “none”, “four socks”, etc will work. I’m looking for how many.)

So your submission should look something like this for each mare (feel free to copy my format to make it easier):

  1. Peyton: 3/30 7AM bay colt, star, two socks
  2. Daisy: 3/25 8AM bay dun colt, star, one sock
  3. ChanelSurrogate: 4/22 12AM bay filly, stripe, two socks
  4. Chanel: 5/1 10PM chestnut colt, blaze, four socks
  5. Stormie: 5/11 6AM grulla filly, stripe, one sock
  6. LissaSurrogate1: 5/12 5AM bay filly with a star and no socks
  7. LissaSurrogate2: 6/1 7AM bay colt with a star/snip and two socks

But filled in with your actual guesses, of course. Everything you guess correctly will earn points. 10 points each for foaling date and time, and then 5 points each for gender, color, face markings, and leg markings… each foal can potentially net you up to 40 points. So even if you get a few things wrong, there are still ways to rack up the points you need to win. If there are any ties, I’ll put them all in a hat and get Michelle to pick a winner.

Submit your entries via a comment here on this post or you can message them to me on the blog’s facebook page. Just PLEASE make sure you leave a link or an email address or your full name in your comment so I can contact you if you win.

The “Due dates” I’ve listed are based on the average 340 days gestation, but keep in mind that average gestation can be anywhere from 320ish to 360ish. I’ve included pictures of both parents and whatever info is important so you can make your best guesses.

Peyton x Leprince des Bois

Last year was Peyton’s first foal and she went at 344 days gestation but if we’re working off of the average of 340 days then that would be 3/28. As far as color genetics, both parents are obviously fairly plain bay, but they also both carry the red gene (and we know that Peyton produced a chromey chestnut last year from a fairly plain bay stallion). For those who want to get really specific, Peyton’s genetic color panel is Aa/Ee (psssst… here’s a foal color calculator if you want to look at the % chances for each color with each pairing) and she carries a W20 gene for white markings which may or may not get passed on.

Daisy x Usandro Tilia Derlenn

Last year Daisy foaled at 328 days, but 340 days would put her “due date” at 4/4. The color possibilities with this one are a little more fun – Daisy is a grulla with a color panel of aa/Ee D/D. Usandro is bay/brown and EE. The only options are bay dun or grulla since Daisy is homozygous dun and Usandro can only produce a bay or black base coat.

ChanelSurrogate x Faustino de Tili

We don’t know the foaling history of the mare (Lark) that’s carrying the first Chanel x Frosty foal, so that’s anybody’s guess. 340 days would be 4/19. Chanel’s color panel is AA/ee and she has two copies of W20, which can sometimes express as more white markings (but obviously not always). Frosty is gray and we think he was born bay. He does have a red gene since his dam was red. Since gray is at play here I’m looking for guesses about the base color only (bay or chestnut).

Chanel x Faustino de Tili

Chanel has had a couple foals in Europe (foal one looks like this, foal two looks like this) but we don’t know any specifics about her foaling history so again it’s anybody’s guess. 340 days would be 5/4. Since this one is a full sibling to the above foal, all the other info is the same. Will they look alike?

Stormie x Usandro Tilia Derlenn

Stormie’s 340 days is 5/16, although with her last two foals she went a few days early. Stormie was originally grulla and turned gray, with a color panel of aa/Ee/Gg/Dd. Usandro is bay/brown and EE. Again since gray is at play here I’m looking for guesses about the base color only.

Lissa Surrogate One x Utrillo vd Heffinck

We don’t know the foaling history of the mare (Ginger) that’s carrying the first Lissa x Utrillo foal, so that’s anybody’s guess. 340 days for her would be 5/20. Lissa’s color panel is AA/Ee. Utrillo obviously is gray and we think he was born bay. Since gray is at play here I’m looking for guesses about the base color only.

Lissa Surrogate Two x Utrillo vd Heffinck

Pretty much exactly the same story as above except the surrogate’s name is Blazen and her 340 days would be 6/11.

I’ll leave entries open through 3/15, so that gives you 2 weeks to get your guesses in! The contest winner will be calculated and announced after the last foal is born. Obviously I have no idea exactly when that’ll be, hopefully early June, so you’ll just have to stay tuned!

27 thoughts on “2021 Baby Bets Contest

  1. SO MANY BABIES!!!! Foal Fridays are going to be SO FUN!!!!

    Peyton: 3/27 4AM bay, colt, star
    Daisy: 3/28 6am colt, grulla, 2 socks, star
    ChanelSurrogate: 4/15 1AM chestnut, filly, 1 sock, star
    Chanel: 4/30 7am, chestnut, colt, stripe, no socks
    Stormie: 5/10, 9am, colt, grulla, star
    LissaSurrogate1: 5/15 6am bay filly, one sock
    LissaSurrogate2: 6/1 8am, bay, colt, star

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  2. Peyton: 4/1 3AM bay filly, blaze, 1 sock
    Daisy: 3/23 4AM grulla filly, star, 2 socks
    ChanelSurrogate: 4/19 1AM chestnut colt, blaze, 4 stockings
    Chanel: 5/4 11PM bay filly, star, 3 socks
    Stormie: 5/11 2AM black colt, no markings
    LissaSurrogate1: 5/20 9AM bay colt, snip, 1 sock
    LissaSurrogate2: 6/11 1AM chestnut filly, star, 2 socks

    Any award I win will be donated to Red Wing Farm to help replace what they lost in last October’s barn fire. (All horses made it out okay, 2 humans had minor injuries, smaller barn was a complete loss.)


  3. Peyton: 3/31 5AM bay filly, star, 1 sock
    Daisy: 3/23 11PM bay dun colt, no socks, no star
    ChanelSurrogate: 4/21 3AM chestnut filly, star/snip, 4 socks
    Chanel: 5/12 2AM chestnut colt, blaze, 2 socks
    Stormie: 5/11 6AM bay dun colt, stripe/snip, one sock
    LissaSurrogate1: 5/19 10PM bay colt with a stripe and 3 socks
    LissaSurrogate2: 5/20 7AM bay filly with a star/snip and 1 sock


  4. Peyton: 4/1 1 AM chestnut filly, star, 2 socks
    Daisy: 3/25 10 PM bay dun filly, stripe, 2 socks
    Chanel Surrogate: 4/22 3 AM chestnut colt, stripe
    Chanel: 5/8, 8 PM chestnut filly, blaze, 3 socks
    Stormie: 5/12 3 AM bay colt, star, stripe, 2 socks
    Lissa Surrogate 1: 5/28 12 AM bay colt, 2 stockings
    Lissa Surrogate 2: 6/11 2 PM bay filly, star, 1 sock


  5. I *just* found out today that my almost 3-year-old mare is pregnant, due probably by May. Or sooner. I’m freaking out a bit, but playing my own version of Baby Bets!


  6. 1. Peyton: 3/31 6AM bay filly, star + snip, one sock
    2. Daisy: 4/1 10PM bay dun filly, stripe, 3 socks
    3. ChanelSurrogate: 4/25 2AM bay colt, stripe, three socks
    4. Chanel: 5/2 8PM bay filly, star, four socks
    5. Stormie: 5/12 5AM grulla colt, blaze, one sock
    6. LissaSurrogate1: 5/22 10PM bay colt no face marking/socks
    7. LissaSurrogate2: 6/8 11AM bay colt with a snip and two socks

    So excited to see pictures of all the babies!!!!


    1. She foaled kinda late (for Texas) last year and that filly was so big she had a lot of fluid for quite a while after. Better to just give her some time to heal up and wait til this spring to breed her again.


  7. Peyton: 4/1 11am, bay filly, 1 sock and a snip
    Daisy: 3/26 1am, dun, 2 socks colt, 1 stocking, and a star
    ChanelSurrogate: 4/15, 3pm, chestnut colt, 2 socks, 2 stockings, stripe
    Chanel: 5/10, 8am, chestnut filly, 3 socks, 1 stocking, blaze
    Stormie: 5/11, 930am, bay filly, 2 socks, 1 stocking
    Lissa Surrogate 1: 5/28, 3am, bay colt, 2 socks, star
    Lissa Surrogate 2: 6/16 9am, bay colt, 3 socks, star, snip


  8. Peyton: 3/29, 1:00 pm, bay colt, 1 sock, small star
    Daisy: 3/26, 1:00 am, bay filly, 2 socks, star and snip
    Chanel Surrogate: 4/17, chestnut colt, 3 stockings, blaze
    Chanel: 5/5, chestnut filly, 2 socks, strip
    Stormie: 5/14. bay colt, 3 socks, star
    Lissa Surrogate 1: 5/21, bay filly, no white on legs, no white on face
    Lissa Surrogate 2: 6/12, bay colt, 3 socks, blaze


  9. Peyton: 3/28 6am Filly Bay Stripe 1 sock.
    Daisy: 4/2 7am Filly Baydun Snip 1 sock
    ChanelSurrogate: 4/23 11am Colt Chestnut blaze 3 socks
    Chanel: 5/3 9am Filly Chestnut star none
    Stormie: 4/28 5am Colt Baydun stripe 2 socks
    LissaSurrogate1: 5/25 5am Colt Bay snip none
    LissaSurrogate2: 5/27 6am Filly Bay star 2 socks.


  10. I’m already looking forward to foal fridays!!!

    Peyton: 4/1 4AM chestnut colt, blaze, two socks
    Daisy: 3/27 Noon, grulla filly, star, one sock
    ChanelSurrogate: 4/19 11PM chestnut filly, stripe, four socks
    Chanel: 5/4 1AM chestnut colt, star, one sock
    Stormie: 5/13 6PM bay colt, stripe, no white markings
    LissaSurrogate1: 5/20 7PM bay filly, stripe, one sock
    LissaSurrogate2: 6/15 2AM bay colt, star, no leg markings


  11. Peyton: 3/31, 6AM, bay colt, two socks, stripe, snip
    Daisy: 3/29, 1AM, grulla filly, one sock
    ChanelSurrogate: 4/30, 9PM, chestnut colt, stripe
    Chanel: 5/17, 9AM, chestnut filly, one sock, star, snip
    Stormie: 5/9, 4PM, bay colt, no white
    LissaSurrogate1: 6/2, 3AM, bay colt, one sock, stripe
    LissaSurrogate2: 6/20, 7AM, bay colt, two socks, snip, star


  12. Peyton: 4/2 5AM bay filly, stripe, one sock
    Daisy: 3/24 3AM grulla colt, star/snip, two socks
    ChanelSurrogate: 4/16 11PM chestnut colt, stripe, four socks
    Chanel: 5/8 2AM bay filly , blaze, three socks
    Stormie: 5/13 6AM bay dun colt, star, one sock
    LissaSurrogate1: 5/28 3AM bay colt , plain
    LissaSurrogate2: 6/12 2AM bay colt, star, two socks


  13. Peyton: 3/31 4 pm, bay colt, snip, two socks
    Daisy: 4/1 5 pm, bay dun colt, no face markings, one sock
    Chanel Surrogate: 4/21 9 pm chestnut filly, blaze, four socks, belly spot
    Chanel: 5/12 3 pm bay filly, stripe, one sock
    Stormie: 5/17 6 pm black colt, star, no leg markings
    Lissa Surrogate 1: 5/14 2 am bay colt, star and snip, two socks
    Lissa Surrogate 2: 6/14 9 pm bay filly, stripe, one sock


  14. Peyton: 3/29 10 pm, chestnut filly, star, 2 socks
    Daisy: 3/27 6 pm, grullo colt, star, 2 socks
    Lark: 4/21 2 AM, chestnut filly, stripe , 4 socks
    Chanel: 5/7 12 AM, chestnut colt, stripe, 4 socks
    Stormie: 5/11 7 PM, grulla filly, star, 1 sock
    Ginger: 5/22 9 PM, bay colt, star, 2 socks
    Blazen: 6/15 8 pm, bay filly, star, 2 socks

    How exciting! Betsy in WI betsy dot wood at wisc dot edu


  15. OMG Foal Fridays are going to be AMAZING come June. I really need Lissa’s Surrogate 2 to foal early (healthy early) so we can bring on the joy of WTW bebes!

    Peyton: 3/31 4am black filly, stripe, 1 sock
    Daisy: 4/1 11pm bay dun colt, no face markings, 2 socks
    ChanelSurrogate: 4/18 1am bay colt, star, no leg markings
    Chanel: 5/5 9am chestnut filly, blaze, 4 socks
    Stormie: 5/13 grulla filly, star/snip, 2 socks (all I want for my bday is Michelle to get her grulla filly out of Stormie!)
    LissaSurrogate1: 5/22 10pm, bay colt, star/snip, 1 sock
    LissaSurrogate2: 6/8 7am bay colt, blaze, 2 socks


  16. Peyton: 2nd April 7am, bay filly with no markings
    Daisy: 22 March 3am, dun colt with no markings
    Lark: 7 April 5am, chestnut colt with a star and 4 socks
    Chanel: 10 May 2pm, chestnut filly with a blaze and 4 socks
    Stormie: 14 May at midnight, dun filly with no markings
    Ginger: 31 May at 1pm, bay colt with 2 socks and a star
    Blazen: 1 June at 10pm, bay filly with a star

    Always fun!!


  17. Peyton: 4/2 1am bay filly, stripe, sock
    Daisy: 4/5 8pm bay dun colt, star, 2 socks
    ChanelSurrogate: 4/12 3am bay filly, star, sock
    Chanel: 5/1 4am bay colt, stripe, 2 socks
    Stormie: 5/15 11pm grulla filly, star, 2 socks
    LissaSurrogate1: 5/20 12am, bay colt, star, 2 socks
    LissaSurrogate2: 6/1 5am bay colt, stripe, no socks


  18. Peyton: 4/1 5am bay colt with star and 2 socks
    ChanelSurrogate: 4/15 9pm chestnut filly with store stripe and 1 sock
    Chanel: 5/1 1am chestnut colt with 1 sock
    Stormie: 5/14 8am bay colt with star and 2 socks
    LissaSurrogate1: 5/14 6pm bay filly with stripe
    LissaSurrogate2: 6/11 4am chestnut colt with star and sock


  19. Sad about Daisy 😦

    Here are my guesses and they are wild effing guesses 🙂 literally could be no more random if i was pulling out a hat 🙂

    Peyton: 4/3 230 AM chestnut filly, blaze 1 sock.
    ChanelSurrogate: 4/20 12:00 PM chestnut filly with 2 socks and stripe
    Chanel: 5/6 9 am chestnut colt, blaze, two socks
    Stormie: 5/10 1030 pm grulla colt, snip, one sock
    LissaSurrogate1: 5/25 5 pm bay filly no white on face, one sock
    LissaSurrogate2: 6/5 9 am bay colt snip with one sock


  20. Peyton: 4/1 2AM, chestnut colt, star and strip, three socks
    ChanelSurrogate: 4/12 10PM, chestnut filly, blaze, one sock
    Chanel: 4/27 3AM, chestnut filly, star, three socks
    Stormie: 5/10 1AM, bay filly, stripe, two socks
    LissaSurrogate1: 5/24 11PM, bay colt, stripe, one sock
    LissaSurrogate2: 6/9 4AM bay filly, blaze, three socks

    Email: lahayes@clemson.edu


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