I’ve Been Slacking

It occurred to me this weekend that I’ve not done very many product review posts on the blog in the past year. Mostly that’s because review posts take a little more effort and planning, and with everything else going on in my life/the world, things that take effort and planning for the blog have largely fallen by the wayside. This place has been my refuge away from that stuff, for the most part. But I’ve also added a lot of products that I know people wanted me to review, although damned if I can remember them all now.

I know there were bridles… Henry’s La Cense bridle and Presto’s Halter Ego bridles.

I think the only other tack I added was Presto’s Pro Choice girth and a few bits, unless I’m forgetting things. Oh, and Presto’s Super X Country neck strap. I think that’s it? My tack ho-ing has been at a minimum, I feel like (okay, barring Presto’s saddle which was a necessity and therefore doesn’t count towards tack ho status). Probably because there’s like no tack left in the world for me to get except every bridle ever made (come to me, my pretties).

There are also things like Presto’s Pony-O blankets, the Cambox V4, my Charles Owen MyPS helmet, my Levade tights, and my Mountain Horse Opus High Rider boots. There have probably been tons of things I’ve totally forgotten about by now. Maybe it would just be easier to do a couple “mini reviews” posts and cram a bunch of stuff together? Is there anything in particular you’d like to see included (either that I’ve mentioned or forgotten about)?

Henry’s plaited halter

I’ve gotten a few new things recently too, that I’m not ready to review but could do a “first impressions” type of thing on. My “Kentucky-style without the nauseating pricetag” fluffy cooler and stable rug arrived. Presto looks very Hugh Hefner-esque, they’re very loungewear chic.

the cooler
the stable rug

I’m starting to notice that I collect horse clothes like I collect bridles, but hey, at least the boys are prepared for any and every occasion right? Maybe we need a horse clothes post to cover their extensive wardrobes.

I also managed to win something in the Horse & Style Magazine Christmas giveaway. Well, I actually won TWO of their 12 days of Christmas giveaways, and when I alerted them to the fact that they had chosen me twice they told me I must be extra lucky and let me have both prizes, which was nice of them. The first was a Butet leather care package, which I was pretty excited about because I love leather care products (I currently have Belvoir, PSoS, and Higher Standards products in my tack cleaning drawer) and while it’s been a while since I used anything from Beval, I knew I liked their conditioner when I used it in the past. The full kit is $120 worth of product, so it certainly makes you feel fancy at least.

the kit
the girls after their spa day… maybe a saddle comparison post would be interesting? This was the first time I’d put them side by side and I thought it was interesting looking at the differences between them.

The other thing I won was a package of swag from WEC Ocala, but I haven’t heard anything about that yet so I’m not sure what it entails or if/when it’s coming.

I also might be overdue for some update posts on various items or projects. Like a “how’s that working out” type thing? Granted the only thing I can really think of that I’ve done recently is my spray painted glitter stirrups. There’s probably more that my brain just isn’t recalling. It was a long 2020.

Basically I’m asking what y’all want to see or what you’re curious about. I’ve completely lost track of what people have asked about or what I promised to circle back on, but I want to remedy that now.

I also feel like I’m ready to start jumping back into some more serious topics again, if there’s anything y’all think I should address about my own stuff or harder topics I’ve glossed over/opted out of as of late. I will fully admit that I’ve leaned more toward light and breezy than I typically would or probably ever have done before, and it’s time to get back to my nitty gritty roots. There’s far too much fluff happening around here these days.

So here’s your open call to drop me a comment or a DM on what you want to see, whether it’s as simple as a specific product review or a sticky/controversial subject that I’ve as yet avoided. Hit me!

19 thoughts on “I’ve Been Slacking

      1. The Ponyo blankets. Curious if they are durable? Also the durability of the saddle pads you got. Premier I think? And I’m always curious to hear about bitting. Simon is proving to be kind of a pickle to find a bit he likes and responds to well. I got a NS, but it did nothing for Simon (Coco likes it) and we tried 3 from them!


  1. I love the “athleisure wear” you have picked up for the boys. Presto makes an excellent model.
    I am curious if you are still using your redneck hindquarter resistance bands on Presto (& possibly Henry) or if that was sort of a one off and they now are collecting dust in a sad corner somewhere?


      1. Please review the system you purchased. My mare needs assistance in rebuilding lost strength in her hindend thanks to injuries & lengthy stall rest. I just can’t spend the mega bucks on the original system.


  2. I’m definitely interested in the Halter Ego bridles, I’ve had my eye on a couple of them but without being able to put hands on them I’m not ready to take the leap.


  3. I know you haven’t had them long, but I’d like to hear more about the Majyk Equipe leather open front boots (with the sparkle along the back). I really want them as a boot for weekly lessons, but I wonder if I’m being an idiot thinking of getting leather boots for everyday use. Are they easy to clean (would they clean up well for shows)? Do they seem like they will hold up decently, or do they look worn quickly? (Again, realizing you haven’t had them long).


  4. Helmet, boots, bridles, saddle pads…. go for it. I’m always interested in your reviews because you’re very honest and I KNOW the stuff has really been used! I’ve bought several things based on your recommendations and you haven’t been wrong yet.

    Any thorny topic you feel like addressing is fine with me, too. I guess the biggest thing is what Dianne mentioned, the Great Ocala Controversy.


  5. I like mini reviews. But also, I hope I already own all of it cause you’re very persuasive.
    Second, perhaps we should blog hop the pony wardrobe post? My kids got a near complete wardrobe overhaul this year. So could be fun. I can’t review most of it since it arrived after they moved out… but could do first impressions.


  6. I’d like to hear about your tack cleaning routine, everyone is so different! Do you do it the pony club way or the traditional way? Or mix it up? Obviously those saddles look sparkling


  7. I would also be interested in a tack cleaning routine/product review! I struggle finding a good conditioner that does its job in my super dry climate (obviously not something you’d be familiar with, ha) WHILE ALSO not being so “sticky” the first couple days as to attract every dust particle in a 5-mile radius. I don’t usually have DAYS to let my tack absorb conditioner, I need to ride in it again! Especially since I have the opposite problem you do and only own one [leather] bridle.


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