Blog Hop: If Your Horse Had a Sponsor

I feel like we really haven’t had enough Blog Hops in the past couple years. They’re fun, they usually offer a little bit of levity or good discussion points and it gives us bloggers some material, thus I think for 2021 we should have more of them. Except I’m kind of shit at coming up with topics, so… tag, someone else is it for the next one.

I did find myself musing about one particular relatively silly topic the other day though when I was cleaning stalls and listening to podcasts. They’re always brought to you buy some company or another, sometimes really random things that don’t even make logical sense with the theme of the podcast. But it got me thinking… if each of my horses had one big sponsor, which company could they best represent? Picture like NASCAR style branding. EVERYTHING covered with massive logos, casually whip out said item during post-show interviews (cuz, ya know, those are common…), be in commercials, etc etc. What product could each of them sell FOR SURE? What are they both super enthusiastic about?

When ever I see a NASCAR driver doing an interview this is all I'm thinking  about. - GIF on Imgur
They solve this problem by getting paid by Coke or Gatorade

Honestly, this was an easy one for me, they both popped in my mind instantly.

For Henry, without a doubt, it’s Little Debbie. Or more specifically, Oatmeal Creme Pies.

Oatmeal Creme Pies | Little Debbie

I buy a few boxes of these a month just to keep him in his pie habit. He LOVES them, and he demolishes them in a really satisfying way. I mean, the video of him ravaging a creme pie last year won us a dang bridle in an Instagram contest (ok, it technically won Presto a bridle which honestly sounds super jacked up now that I say it out loud). Lots of his online friends have gone out and bought creme pies to see if their horses like them too, so I have to think that surely Little Debbie has seen a sales bump over the last year. Henry is the perfect spokeshorse for the brand, if you ask me.

A runner up could be Pop-Tarts, he eats those the same way. In any case, his would definitely be some kind of sugary junk food. He doesn’t have enthusiasm for many things, but the boy loves snacks.

Presto’s should be relatively obvious by now too. I’m pretty sure that I’m currently this company’s number one customer, and the reason why this product among the top most popular products on Corro’s website.

Horseman's Pride Jolly Mega Ball Horse Toy Jolly Training Accessories |  Stable Equipment Supplies |

I really wish I knew how many of these he’s sold by now. It’s gotta be dozens, at least. He’s a walking sales boom, not just because he makes these balls look so damn fun, but because he also destroys his own on the regular. He would def need that sponsorship. Lifetime supply of balls, please (which at this rate would be about one a week). Like Henry, Presto too is savage AF, but damn if he isn’t also hella entertaining in the process of completely disrespecting my hard-earned dollars. Show me a better salesman and representative than this (ok maybe it would be better if he didn’t so readily destroy them, but you definitely can’t say he lacks enthusiasm).

Plus, like, how funny would it be for all of his stuff to be branded with JOLLY MEGA BALLS all over it. Apropos. The audacity of that kid is off the charts.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Audacity of this B*tch in HD :  MemeTemplatesOfficial
its possible that I say this to him at least once a day

So what say you friends? What products or brands could your horses definitely sell and represent to the fullest? Like… big huge logo printed all over your trailer and everything. What would their (not yours, theirs) dream sponsorship be?

What will you do for a little Debbie..... - Album on Imgur

For real tho Little Debbie, hit me up. Henry looks good in a hat.

5 thoughts on “Blog Hop: If Your Horse Had a Sponsor

  1. My mare, Sassy, will do almost anything for a Bob’s peppermint stick. We have an agreement, if she doesn’t try to kill me during our ride, she gets two sticks after she is unsaddled. If I forget, she will hang her head out of her stall and stare at the container until I remember.


  2. Those German muffin horse treats. Horse is teaching himself how to unlock the tack box, having figured out that’s where the supply is stored. He’s pretty sure there are more in the tack room, too (there are), and tries to follow people through the door.

    Instructor has had those treats in her pocket from time to time. Regardless if they are there or not, his nose gets stuck to her jacket pocket and is hard to pull away. The muffin logo stitched onto pockets would be cute! 🙂


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