THT: Skirted

This might be the last t!ny h0use update for a while, because we’ve kind of hit a plateau as far as interesting developments or noteworthy changes. There HAVE been some notable additions since the last THT post though, so let’s get caught up.

First and foremost – she’s got skirting! It ended up taking a little longer to get this done than I had originally wanted since so few people actually got back to me with quotes, but like I said last post, it ended up being a blessing in disguise. If the skirting had gone on right away we might never have noticed the water leak, so in the end it all worked out for the best. The leak issue seems to be totally resolved since the TH company came out to repair it (knock on wood).

Ultimately for the skirting I went with a local handyman business because they were actually responsive and professional. The quote was slightly higher than another one I had, but this guy actually emailed and called me back, so… that means a lot. And since he IS a handyman type, he was also able to build out some stairs for us off the back porch. He came out with his teenage son over the course of a few days and they installed/built everything, and in the end I think they did a great job. She’s now fully dressed and closed up.

peep my cute little internet dish, it kinda blends in
a door for easy access to the tank

Also, having watched them install the skirting I am 100000% certain that hiring someone else to do it was the right call. It’s not COMPLICATED work, you can definitely DIY it, but it is tedious AF, and the tools they had definitely made it easier than if we’d tried it ourselves. It seems like one of those projects where you end up intensely hating your spouse afterwards.

Those two things were a pretty big chunk of money so I haven’t really bought anything else for the house that’s noteworthy, and we’ve still got another month or so to wait before the couch comes in. I think I’m going to hold off ordering anything else until that gets here so I can get a better idea of colors and space. We did put some string lights up on the back porch to give it some ambiance (those can lights in the ceiling are BRIGHT AF, you could land a plane on our back porch) but that’s about it.

Otherwise we’ve kind of settled into a little routine here. As you can see in the first pic, the dog ramp is attached to the front steps. I want to make a little dog run area off to the side at the bottom of the ramp, but I really wanted it on the other side, which I can’t currently do because the hand rail for the stairs is on that side. We’re going to look at either moving that rail to the other side or removing it completely, I just haven’t gotten that far yet. Right now I supervise the dogs when they’re outside and pick up the poop daily, so it’s not particularly urgent.

this loony toon is loving the barn dog life

I’ve also gotten in the habit of riding my bike back and forth across the pasture to the barn. The only bike I retained in the purge is my cyclocross bike (which is sorta like a road bike with knobby tubeless tires and components that are meant to handle mud and dirt) so it’s perfect for the job. Okay not so much on rainy days, but those have been few and far between so far. A golf cart would be easier (especially when I have to hike to the back 40 to take blankets off mid-morning) but the bike works for now.

I did get a little tiny space heater for the bedroom – it only draws 500 watts (most are more like 1500) but it does a great job of heating up small spaces. Which, coincidentally, I have plenty of. I can put it in the bathroom for 10 minutes before I shower and its nice and toasty in there, or have it on for a little while in the bedroom with the door closed and it warms it up enough to where I don’t have to turn the big heaters on. Those heaters are intense. Like being blasted with dragon’s breath. It’s not ridiculously cold here, and so far it’s been easier to use the teeny space heater when we just need a little more warmth.

I’m also really digging the big 4″ memory foam mattress topper I got when I first moved in. It’s comfy AF.

they’re really roughing it out here on their California King

I’ve also decided that since they’re farm dogs now and I’m not a total masochist, they’re going to the groomers once a month for a proper bath. Quinn is a freaking nightmare to bathe and dry but he’s a super gross dog, and Stewie loves to roll around in the grass every day while I clean stalls. If they stink at all, the whole house stinks, plus they tend to track whatever is clinging to their bodies into the house. And honestly, I don’t exactly have ample space in here to be wrestling with trying to bathe and dry two grumpy old man dogs. The local grooming place I took them to last month did a good job, only took an hour from drop off to pick up, and was super affordable, so we’re just gonna keep a monthly appointment there. They go back in on Friday. I’m all about making my life easier.

I remain happy with this little house. It’s all the space I need with none of the space I don’t. It’s much easier to keep clean (I did a “whole house” clean on Sunday in 30 minutes HAHAHAHA), and I haven’t found myself feeling cramped at all. Granted, SO and the cats are still living at the other house (progress has been made towards getting it ready to rent, but I’d say he’s only 50% of the way there) so I know it’ll be different with more humans/animals in here. I’m glad to have this time by myself though, to figure out the best way to do everything and maintain everything without having to worry about another person.

I think that’s it up to now for the t!ny farmh0use, y’all are all caught up. More updates later once we get more stuff in here!

3 thoughts on “THT: Skirted

  1. My dog is kind of a hot mess, and she’s old, so I don’t like to stress her. But for the next pup, it’s totally going to the groomer regularly so it gets used to such things and I don’t have to deal with doing it myself.


  2. The first photo looks so warm and homey against a cold gray world! Thanks to this blog I now have T_H on the list of things in investigate for the future. 🙂


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