Foal Friday: See Ya Later, Class of 2020

Well guys, here we are, the last Foal Friday post for our 2020 crop of WTW foals. They’ve provided us with plenty of cuteness and some much-needed levity this year, every Friday since Remi was born in March. He was quickly followed by Oakley, then Ollie joined us about a month later, and we capped off the collection when Ellie joined us in mid-May.

It’s always a good season when all the foals find new homes, especially when those homes are as perfect as the ones these guys have landed in. Ellie and Remi are now in Tennessee with Alex Green Kerby, and Ollie and Oakley are in Kentucky with Caroline Dannemiller (def follow her Insta if you want updates on these guys – she posts them a lot in her stories and they already have their own Highlight!). And since they were all going to the same general area, they all got to ship together, too, which definitely helped make things easier for them.

They all got fantastic report cards from the shipper, and stepped off the trailer together in Tennessee.

They all settled right in and were quick to make new friends.

After a little rest and relaxation Ollie and Oakley loaded back up to make the rest of their journey to Kentucky… where they were promptly greeted with some SNOW! That was a new one for them, for sure. Luckily Caroline was ultra-prepared and already had (super adorable if I may say so myself) blankets ready and waiting for the ponykids.

They’ve settled in perfectly with their babysitter friends and have wasted absolutely no time getting comfortable with their new routine. Which, naturally, includes lots of naps.

Ollie has been… Ollie. His personality clearly has not been dampered at all by his lifestyle change.

They’ve even gotten to go on some fun little adventures already, like checking out some of the jumps in the XC field.

They got to wear some awesome hats for a holiday photo, too. Yep… they’re fitting in just fine.

And while these kiddos will absolutely be missed at WTW (things are definitely different without Ollie around), there is no better feeling than seeing them go to perfect homes like this and being able to watch them grow up and develop with their people. We really could not have asked for better homes and better matches than these. Congratulations and best of luck to everyone, we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

As for Foal Friday, we’ll pick it up again in March. Hope you guys enjoyed following along with these babies this year and getting a little dose of weekly cuteness.

5 thoughts on “Foal Friday: See Ya Later, Class of 2020

  1. Any idea of whether their new homes are intended as longer term competition homes or will they be for resale purposes after training?


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