Foal Friday: Ellie’s Glamour-ish Shots

On to our next Glamour Shots installment! Er, well… sort of Glamoury. Glamour-ish. I love Ellie to bits and she’s very sweet, but she’s not particularly interested in dressing up and showing off for photos. She’s 0% diva and it shows. She did get braided up though, and the effort was made, and honestly… I think you can see a lot about Ellie in these, even if they aren’t particularly fancy pictures.

Like the fact that she was far more interested in shmoozing with the humans than anything else. She lives for rubbies and pets.

Or how, even though this was meant to be an ELLIE photo shoot, she really seemed to be more interested in hamming it up with her friends.

just me or is Ollie smiling?

And while trying to get her to fancy prance around didn’t really amount to much, she did give it a little bit of a try. For a few seconds anyway. She does like to gallop sometimes.

She also rarely misses an opportunity to remind everyone (ok, Ollie, mostly BFF Ollie) that she’s the biggest.

she’s got some jokes

She did humor us by throwing in some very noble headshots too. They even make her ears look normal-sized.

Mostly though, this girl likes to eat, and photo sessions are no exception. She’s always here for the snacks.

She’s just a low-drama, jeans and t-shirt and pizza kind of girl. Glamour shots maybe aren’t really her thing. Glamour-ish is good enough.

All we’ve got left is Ollie’s glamour shots and then that’s a wrap for the 2020 foals!

6 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Ellie’s Glamour-ish Shots

  1. Ellie has that “look of eagles” in the head shots. She is growing into an elegant jeans & t-shirt girl. 🙂 That’s so sweet that she’s attached to her friends.

    Expecting Ellie does great things with her life. 🙂


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