Foal Friday: Oakley’s Glamour Shots

If you missed the beginning of our little Glamour Shots mini-series, don’t forget to go back and check out Remi’s from last week. This week we’re moving on to the next 2020 foal, Oakley (she’s a sportpony cross in case anyone has forgotten by now – Usandro Tilia Derlenn‘s first foal born in the USA)! She too got all braided and fancied up for her pictures, and it’s as if she knew, because she really rose to the occasion and showed off for Belinda, the photographer. As with Remi’s photos, I think Oakley’s personality really shines through.

She knows she’s beautiful, first of all, and she isn’t afraid to make sure you know.

At times it was almost as if she played intentionally to the camera.

You’re getting this, right? Just checking. Here we go!
four way off the floor

Wait… pause for butt scratches please.

Ok let’s continue.

Of course, she’s also a big fan of zoomies. Maybe not quite as much as Ollie, and maybe not quite as often as when she was a wee foal, but she still does her fair share for sure.

It’s a trait that she shares with her dam, Daisy, who is the biggest Zoomies fan of all the broodmares and also didn’t hesitate to show off for the camera.


Most of all though, Oakley really wants you guys to know: always remember to bring snacks.

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Oakley’s Glamour Shots

  1. She is such a pretty filly. I think if I were going to buy one of this year’s foals she would be it. Hypothetically speaking of course since 1) I’m not shopping and 2) someone else is already her lucky new owner.


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