Foal Friday: Life Balance

When the foals were younger their lives were pretty solidly split into 3 sections: eat, play, nap. On average they were split into pretty equal chunks, perhaps a bit heavy on the napping. As they’ve matured those three chunks have changed size a bit, first with less napping and more playing, and then slowly into less playing and napping and more eating. Like it or not they’re slowly morphing into baby horses instead of actual foals, and weaning time is just around the corner. Not to say that there isn’t still plenty of playing going on…

Ollie thinks its fun to jump back and forth over the ditch
Remi’s out here working on his fitness
and jumping over the hose

Of course, most of the playing tends to be happening with the boys. They’ve still got that little extra bit of colt pizazz. Ollie in particular, shockingly, still spends plenty of time running amok. His chunk of play time is definitely the biggest.

Oakley likes to join in on the zoomies sometimes (probably just to remind those colts of who REALLY runs the world), but it’s definitely gotten a bit more half-hearted and short-lived.

As for Ellie? Well Ellie’s chunk of play time is relatively non-existant… take her “play” piece and re-label it to say “PET ME”… that’s more accurate. She’s pretty much only interested in food and rubbies.

Otherwise? They eat. A lot. Yeah I know, they’ve gotten a little more boring with age and maturity. But they eat and they eat and they grow and they grow, and such will be their lives for the next 3 or so years probably. This is the beginning of the perhaps less exciting part of their stories.

Ellie excels at this part of the curriculum. It takes a lot of calories to fuel an elephant.
That booty ain’t gonna grow itself
his Ramiro B head profile is strong from this angle

But then there’s Ollie of course, who somehow manages to even turn eating into a game. Who says you can’t combine play time and food time? I have a feeling this kid will never actually be boring, no matter what he does.

Dis mah beanbag AND mah snack

Our time with these guys is growing a bit short, and it’s bittersweet. It’s almost weaning time, and then off they’ll go to their new homes, to start their lives for real, and then before you know it it’ll be time to prep for the foals of 2021… all SEVEN of them. For now though, these guys are still fun to watch, just in a bit of a different way.

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