Foal Friday: Bad Influence

Let’s be real guys, we already know that Ollie is definitely the fan favorite of the foal group this year. I mean if nothing else he’s certainly the most entertaining, I don’t think any of us can dispute that. Plus he’s a chonky, cute, naughty AF little pony foal… what’s not to like?

He also has the effect of being the herd pot-stirrer, and sometimes inspires the other foals to subscribe to his particular brand of mischief. One in particular seems to be a favorite target.

It’s almost as if he just KNOWS that they’re related, and she’s his “sister”, so he picks on her just a liiiiiitle bit more than the others. Oakley generally prefers to ignore him, but… as I’m sure you can imagine, Ollie is hard to ignore for very long. She does deign to indulge him sometimes. She is a closet zoomies lover, after all, and they’re close enough in size to be suitable partners for some mutual grooming.

everybody likes groomies

Even if we all know that what Ollie may originally propose as mutual grooming is inevitably going to turn into at attempt at Bitey Face. But in true big sister form, Oakley also knows exactly how to dish it right back to him if he starts to get out of line (which he always does).

you can practically hear Ollie giggling anyway

Ollie, ever-chipper and rarely ruffled, tends to push to the point of no return, get cast away by Oakley, and then move on to his next victim. Er… friend. And sometimes said friend can even be convinced to join him willingly for a little trouble-making, because colts do seem more easily swayed by peer pressure. Don’t tell me there’s no such thing as a bad influence.

Ollie opens the pump house door, Remi grabs some insulation and chases his mother around the pasture with it. What a team.

Let’s be honest though, trouble just doesn’t come as easily to the other foals, so it’s always pretty short-lived… especially when you’re Remi and have a no-nonsense helicopter mom. Not that it stops Ollie from trying.

Ollie: REMI WAIT, COME BACK! LOOK WHAT ELSE I FOUND! Remi: No man, I can’t right now, my mom’s still mad.
Ollie: Remi, come on man, it’s a NOOD! Remi: SHHHH bro, you’re gonna get me in trouble, she’s watching!
Don’t be such a baby! Get back here!

Never change, Ollie. Never change.

Believe or not, y’all, we’re getting close to time for the babies to leave the nest and go off to their new homes. We don’t have too many Foal Fridays left for 2020! Sad times…

7 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Bad Influence

  1. NOOOOOO!!!!!! Foal Fridays can NOT come to an end!! Can’t you keep all these babeeez?? I don’t know what I’m gonna do without Ollie antics to amuse and cheer me every week.


  2. It’s hard to imagine that our Foal Fridays are limited. You do such a great job.
    Does Ollie’s owner do social media? Can we possibly keep watching him grow up? He is such a character, it would be wonderful to watch him grow. I have enjoyed following Presto’s journey to date, and would love another horse to stalk/follow. 😀


  3. The title put a grin on my face and the post makes me happy, as always..until that last paragraph.
    I don’t want to be reminded about that! Though I am happy that all foals sold.
    I will miss them, Ollie most of all. He is such an entertaining little fellow.
    I hope their respective new owners do social media and lets us follow them in the future…


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