Foal Friday: The Fantastic Four

Well, so close to four. Finally got 3 of the 4 babies all in one shot!

small, medium, or large?

Ellie was with her dam at the vet that day – Sadie was a little colicky but don’t worry she was fine with some drugs and fluids. It did cause Ellie to miss out on their first official group photo, though. Maybe next time.

There are still a few new pics of Ellie though. And she did get to meet Ollie at least, they did a little bit of log-sniffing together. It’s a favorite activity with the babies.


But mostly she hung out with mum.


Or practiced her canter-halt-canter transitions.

I love that she got Sadie’s wide-set semi-floppy ears, all of her babies have them

I also don’t have a ton of Remi pictures, sorry Team Remi. It’s just that when it comes to getting cute baby pictures he’s a little less rambunctious than some of the others (ahem OLLIE) so it makes for fewer paparazzi opportunities. He’s like the Brad Pitt of the group, always just standing there being beautiful.


and in love with Oakley

Which… he must be rubbing off a little bit on Oakley because look who decided to pose for some glamour shots of her own this week.



Ok maybe her slightly utilitarian quarantine haircut isn’t the prettiest but she either doesn’t know or doesn’t care. Girl is rockin’ those legwarmers like they’re the latest fashion and she DGAF if anyone else doesn’t like them.

In between all the standing around looking beautiful, there were still plenty of shenanigans. Mostly from everyone’s favorite little spitfire grulla pony. His favorite hobbies include climbing the round bale and jumping over puddles. Bold as brass, this one.

I thought he was part Welsh, not part mountain goat

Ollie also got to meet Oakley and Remi, and decided that maybe he likes Oakley best (she’s definitely Miss Popular, gotta give her that).

hello baby brother


I think Ollie mostly likes her best because she’s more willing to engage in shenanigans with him. They also both really enjoy trotting, and are better at it than their Big Baby Horse friends who have so much leg that it’s still easier for them to either walk or canter.

showoff #1
showoff #2

They’re also both BIG fans of galloping in circles as fast as they can for no apparent reason at all.



Although Oakley seems to have put herself in charge of critiquing Ollie’s form.


I am determined that at some point we’ll get all 4 of them in one frame, but for now you’ll have to settle for all 4 of them in one post. Next week I’m thinking about doing a GIF-edition Foal Friday, full of GIF’s from videos of them running around and playing – thoughts on that? Also working on a “Where Are They Now?” post for all the past WTW foals, as has been requested! If you have any other ideas or stuff you want to see just let me know and we’ll work on it… these posts are as fun for us as they are for everyone else, I think.


Happy Foal Friday, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Foal Friday: The Fantastic Four

  1. OMG yes, to the GIF Foal Friday. Or a Video Foal Friday.
    The “Where are they now” is a great idea as well
    I would love to see a post on the current WTW broodmares.


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