Foal Friday: In Sync

The dynamic between Remi and Oakley has settled down a bit since last week. She still terrorizes him, for sure, but I think she’s also realized he can be fun sometimes. She is definitely the annoying and more clever/manipulative little sister, but deep down she likes him. Their friendship has settled in a bit, and they play, explore, and nap together.



if only synchronized napping was an Olympic sport

Oakley remains a more bold, in-your-face, no-holds-barred character, and Remi is the sweet plucky gullible one.

when you’re practicing for your modeling career
nailing those poses
and your annoying little sister ruins it
and then you try to retaliate but it doesn’t work

Remi is also still a mama’s boy, and what a good mama Peyton has turned out to be.


Not only did she create a pretty fantastic colt, she also isn’t hesitant to discipline him and teach him how to behave properly, so the kid has got some really good manners. Peyton is definitely more of a “hands on” mom. Oakley on the other hand? Well… she’s more of the rebel child and has no shortage of personality or guts. Her mom Daisy is the “yeah sure, go for it, kid” type. And go for it, she does.



And although they’re very different in so many ways, they’re also both still really adorable.



Stormie is officially only 2 weeks away from her “due date” and last year she foaled a little bit early, so maybe by this time next week we’ll have a new pony addition? Lord help us if it’s another filly. Stay tuned…

10 thoughts on “Foal Friday: In Sync

  1. They are so precious! ❤

    It must be a challenge not to just take photos all day long! So much personality! 🙂

    How tall is Remi likely to be? He looks like he's planning to do a lot of growing. 🙂


      1. killing me just killing me. I do not need a spicy filly I do not need a spicy filly… (and repeat)….

        They are so cute together and I would TOTALLY watch sychronized Remi/Oakley on the Olympics 🙂


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