Keeping Myself Entertained

Last week on a work call our boss had us go around the room and everyone rated their anxiety/stress level on a scale of 1-10 so we could talk about it as a group. Most people were somewhere between a 6 and an 8. I’m like… uh… 3? Maybe?

I mean, this is now my view from my desk, woe is me

Well… maybe it was a 7 when I was in Walmart on Friday morning and made the HORRIFIC DISCOVERY that they were completely cleaned out of Little Debbie’s. That was almost a national emergency. Luckily I have a good friend that sent me some, and the SO brought a box of Fudge Rounds with him when he came out on Saturday, so now I’m like… knee deep in Little Debbie’s. Crisis averted.

But really I’m not a particularly anxious person unless there’s no plan or no solution. No plan makes me really anxious. I’ve got maybe one point of anxiety from not knowing how long this will go on, and one point of anxiety from having to change around/postpone the tiny house purchase, and one point of anxiety from the uncertainty surround SO’s job. But I can’t control any of that, and there is a short term plan – stay home for a while – so… okay, I’m fine. It’s a rare and strange opportunity so may as well make the most of it, right? I’ve had no problem finding ways to keep myself entertained.

I finished pulling all the weeds up out of the arena.

begone, bitches.

I also spent a lot of time watching the babies run and play, because the temperature dropped like 30 degrees on Friday and naturally they celebrated with lots of galloping all weekend long

and some moves that made me think “ah yes, this is how I’ll fall off some day”.

They’re fun to watch, at least.

I had already listened to the Tiger King podcast, so I knew the story, but I finally watched the Netflix docuseries. Wow. Woooooooow. If that level of batshit doesn’t make you feel better about your life then I dunno what will.

best Tiger King meme, hands down
I found a slightly different version of this and had to modify it to include eventing. #wearesaff

Also… am I the only one who thinks that Doc Antle was BY FAR the creepiest, worst person on that show? He gave me the major heebie jeebies.

Oh, and speaking of drama, there was a big ol “colorgate” on facebook that devolved into over a thousand comments. Why? Because a palomino mare crossed with a chestnut stallion for an embryo transfer foal supposedly produced this:

Which is… genetically impossible. A red based horse plus a red based horse can’t produce a black based horse. Methinks someone made a mix up somewhere with the embryos or surrogates. But boy were the comments mega-entertaining. It’s kinda crazy how many people (including supposed big time breeders) have no clue how color genetics work. Yes you can get a chestnut from a gray and a bay. Yes you can get a palomino from a buckskin and a bay. Yes you can get a chestnut from two bays. No you cannot get a bay from two chestnuts. And definitely no you cannot get a bay or buckskin from a chestnut and a palomino, as this place is claiming. Dominant and recessive genes are a thing. Lots of people out there just seem to think that foals can come out any color at random? They don’t. It was good for hours of entertainment though, since apparently nobody has anything better to do right now than argue on the internet. Who needs Tiger King when you’ve got horse people and facebook?


The other real life drama/entertainment is that my farrier went *poof*. Completely MIA.  Tried to get ahold of him for 3 weeks via calling and texting, and some other clients were having the same problem. Never did hear anything back at all, and still haven’t. Henry had been missing a shoe and wearing his glitter boot (I really need to do a proper review of the glitter boot, I’ve sure used it enough by now) for 2.5 weeks, and the boys were both due to have their feet done. I was at my wit’s end. Luckily my vet has a farrier that he recommends a lot, and said farrier does horses at the boarding barn down the street every Thursday, so he was able to tack my two onto his schedule with no problem. So, the boys have a new farrier.

I made Presto stand and wait patiently the whole time Henry was getting shod, so go ahead and sign me up for Worst Human of the Year

Otherwise it rained a lot this weekend, which meant I spent a lot of time cleaning stalls. It did fill up the pond though, its been quite a while since I’ve seen it so full, and boy you should hear all the frogs down there at night. It was also nice to get one last cool day in, because it looks like we’ll be back up to 90 by mid-week. I’m not ready for summer.

there isn’t a lot of Henry in this post because he and Quinnie are boring – all they do is alternate between grazing and napping under this tree

Hopefully now that Henry’s wearing 4 shoes again (knock on wood OMG STOP PULLING SHOES) and the arena is beautiful again and we’re getting a few days break from the rain, I’ll be able to ride a bit this week. I’m also working on Presto’s April vlog (I have not forgotten!) this week, and should probably do my taxes at some point. Ugh.

Happy Monday, guys. How are you hanging in there?

13 thoughts on “Keeping Myself Entertained

  1. I saw that foal color debate and all I could think was how they DNA test them for registration and that will quickly clear things up. But then I’m sure it will be a mess trying to figure out what happened.


    1. I suspect that the palomino foal they had in January (out of the same mare but by a brown stallion) might have been mixed up with this one. Sure was entertaining, that’s for sure! The amount of people who don’t believe in basic science is… interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Seems that lacking a framework to understand basic scientific concepts such as heredity, or say – germ theory for example, has contributed to the delayed response to COVID. At the highest levels. Just sayin’…


      2. OMG right? This was my favorite comment:

        Tracy Schmidt:
        Have none of y’all heard of God?? Do y’all really believe that God can make anything happen? Y’all are truly a bunch of crazy loons that give horse people a really bad name. Non of that genetic crap is 100% correct. That is science people and science is not a perfect art. Know it all idiots!! Say how precious this baby is and move on. Drama Freaks!!! Why would any one ruin someone’s time of their new baby??? Yall are some cold hearted witches!!



  2. Now I’m all curious what happened to your farrier?! Mine has been amazing through coronapocolypse. I rescheduled him like 4 times in 2 days bc my work schedule was so crazy. He’s been a great sport! I still go into the office a couple or few days a week so my life/schedule hasn’t change tremendously. The weekends are quieter, but the hubs (mechanic) had like 4 customers come over yesterday. Lots of barking from the 10 dogs……
    Also, are your barn owners stuck in Florida? Don’t they usually come back to Texas after the Florida circuit or did they move there permanently???


    1. I’d like to know what happened to the farrier too lol. He’s done the ghosting thing before but never for this long. Hopefully he’s ok.

      Barn owners are still at their Florida farm, they were supposed to come back this week. Everyone is hunkered down for now.

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  3. I couldn’t put my finger on the exact reason, but Doc Antle is most definitely creepy AF. I enjoyed watching Presto and JB running around in your videos. I have known he is a high percentage of TB blood the whole time, but you could really see it when he was galloping.

    Sorry to hear about your farrier, but I’m glad your vet helped you find another one.

    I’m still going to work every other day, per their scheduling for non-essential employees. So I’m home a lot more. I’ve been spending a lot more time cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. And of course trying to keep my child out of things (the garbage can, the toilet, etc). Who said being a mom isn’t glamorous? Hahaha. Yesterday I bathed 2 of the 3 dogs. It’s weird being home so much more, but it’s definitely nice to feel more on top of things.


  4. I have seen people confuse a dark liver horse for bay before, which would lead to much confusion in a case like this. I’m not sure I’ve seen a bay confused for a chestnut though… which is the only way this could work.


  5. Bummer about the farrier disappearing, but glad you scored a replacement. Mine basically told me, “those farrier skills you’ve gained over the last few years are going to come in handy” when I checked in to see how he and his family were doing.


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