2020 WTW Foal #2 – Oakley

Well that was quick. Peyton foaled a little bit late, Daisy foaled a little bit early, so tada – we’ve got two babies only a week apart! Say hello to Oakley WTW.



She has the unique title of being the very first Usandro Tilia Derlenn foal born in the USA! I heard that her French papa is feeling proud. She’s super cute, definitely all spunky filly.

How cute is the star/snip?? She’s got a little nose button. Boop it and see what happens.
already strong with the side eye


Daisy was sneaky about it, waiting until no one was looking and popping her out around 10am. The only color options were bay dun and grulla – obviously she looks buckskin, which isn’t possible, most likely she’s bay dun (which can end up looking similar) and not grulla. Michelle is sending off some hair to check for sure. Oakley’s got two hind socks, a big star, and a teeeeeny snip.



It will be interesting to see how she grows and develops, being a Paint (solid) x WB pony cross. In my head I’m imagining her being relatively Connemara-esque. Some hardiness/tractability from the Paint and some fancy/jump from the warmblood, plus Connemara-sized (small horse) as well. We shall see! She definitely looks pretty sporty and athletic so far. I have yet to see a Usandro that can’t jump or move, and Daisy is a great mover herself, so it’ll be fun to start seeing what she looks like as she matures.

queen of naps


In a few more weeks we’ll have another Usandro foal, this one out of the sportpony Stormie. That one should be born with springs in its legs for sure.

How are we already halfway through foaling season? Bring on the babies, I’m ready for more! (but really, they can wait until their due dates, we don’t need any of that preemie stuff happening please…)

20 thoughts on “2020 WTW Foal #2 – Oakley

  1. omg here I thought Remi was special (AND HE IS) but now she has two SPECIAL ones. Dang I do love a dun/buckskin/baydun whatever the F she is. ADORABLE. How big is her mommy??

    Congrats to WTW!! knocking it out of the park they are!! 🙂

    It must be KILLING you to not be able to go up there and revel in the foals in person 🙂


  2. Congrats to WTW!
    She´s adorable, can´t wait to see videos of her moving!
    How tall is momma, she doesn´t look pony-sized (wondering if Oakley ends up being a hony)?


  3. She’s suuuper cute! Look at those big eyes! She’s like a Lisa Frank foal. Lol. I wonder if her color could darken up to her mama’s? Like a chestnut often does?


    1. Usually if they’re grulla they’re born a cooler, mousier tone, she looks very warm like a typical bay dun. It’s possible though, those colors can be sneaky! We’ll see what the test says.

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      1. I am betting bay dun too! We have a new foal nearby who is very light and looks kind of like her and she is out of a grulla mare…very similar….how cool!! Thumbs up to WTW for cheering us all up!


  4. Eeeeee, you’re killin’ me with these foal photos – keep ’em coming! This one is just a doll. Her confo seems to be lovely, too. Your friend just does an outstanding job with her program!


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