Housebound but not bored

Day 7 of working from home. Still living my best life. Haven’t seen another human since Saturday. I did find a turtle in Henry’s stall yesterday though, and we had a great conversation as I gave him an Uber ride to the pond. His name is Yertle, he’s from next door, and a big fan of Dr Seuss. Look at me, making friends with the neighbors.

he’s cute right?

Don’t worry, I’m not just having conversations with turtles. I actually talked to more humans yesterday than I usually do, between rolling out new processes at work and recording a podcast. More on that when it comes out. I have no idea what I said, hope I don’t sound like a total moron. I feel like I’m way better in print.

But between Skype calls I did manage to sneak outside at lunch time and ride Henry. Normally when I’m in the office I don’t even take a lunch break at all, I just eat at my desk, so to be able to step outside in the middle of the day for an hour of horse time… this is awesome. 


I’m also super grateful for the fast-draining footing in the dressage arena, because it rained so much over the weekend that there was just standing water all over the farm. And now it’s supposed to be in the low 90’s this week? We have a very weird spring/summer mashup going on at the moment. The grass is BOMB though. It’s grown so much in my jump field over the last week that I can’t really even jump in there anymore, so I let Henry and Quinnie in there to have at it. They are living their best tubbo lives. For now I’ll just move a couple jumps over to the arena until things can get mowed. Not a big deal, we’re not doing anything intense at the moment anyway.

Dat grass and dos booties

Having more time at the farm also gives me more time to notice and appreciate the little things. Like pretty flowers.

And the fact that Presto is finally starting to leave his damn fly boots alone.


Rumor has it that the shelter in place order for our major city and it’s county are coming out today. I’m in a bordering county, but my work is in the city, so it looks like I’ll be working at home for the forseeable future. Luckily our business is considered essential, so we don’t have to shut down, but they will continue to keep the employees required to be in the office at a bare minimum. Since there are already cases in the surrounding counties I’m wondering if those will be soon to follow with a SIP… I hope so, but we’ll see. I ventured out on Saturday at 7am to make one last trip to Walmart for a few things, so I’m good to go for 3 weeks or so probably before I have to worry about groceries again. At this point I’m definitely trying to avoid leaving the farm as much as possible. We’ll see how things continue to unfold I guess!

#giraffeproblems I was filling his hay net and he barged over to eat out of the top before I closed it. You should not be able to reach that high that easily, kid.

Mostly I just feel really lucky to still be out at the farm, where staying at home is a privilege. I have plenty of space to be outside, and my horses are right here with me. I’d be considerably less excited about it if I was stuck at home in the city. I definitely feel for those of you that are unable to get to your horses right now, and hope you’re able to find ways to fill the time. It’s interesting to see how we’re all adjusting to our new normal… humans are adaptable creatures. 

Also, I’ve really been loving all the musicians live streaming little mini-concerts. Did anyone catch Garth Brooks last night on facebook live? I always forget how great he really is. And he sang The Red Strokes, my personal favorite (ok it’s tied with Standing Outside the Fire). There are some really cool things coming out of this otherwise shitty situation. 

6 thoughts on “Housebound but not bored

  1. We watched Orville Peck live stream from his living room last night. It was freakin’ awesome!

    I do love this WFH for the foreseeable future too. I have a farm and 3 retirees so I can get a horsey fix. We just can’t see our OTTBs as they’re in training board a mere 3 miles away and we are shelter in place. So I haz a bit of a sad but only a little bit because I do know how incredibly fortunate I am.


  2. I missed Garth but sure they will replay it!! Our grass is gorgeous too (well that that is above the water line that is Tennessee) we got more rain last nite and today. It is hard finding places the dogs can pee on there is so much water. Like i told Mark if we got some nice weather I might be less stir crazy being home!! I made Mark stay home today he hasnt been feeling great> he doesnt have any symptoms but he has other issues that can flare up and make his immune system weak….ugh….

    I go back and forth about bringing Remus home. He is happy at the barn and they will take care of him If i get sick god forbid it would be Mark taking care of him here. I will try to get there with my smartpaks and just make sure he has everything and then leave it up to them I guess. UGH

    Hope SO is doing okay with all the critters at home!!

    And I dare say Henry is FATTER than Remus now 🙂 World is NUTS HA!

    I JUST started listening to podcasts (yes I am behind the times) so let me know what you are doing. I am using Get Sleepy (Get Sleepy is a twice weekly story-telling podcast designed to help you get a great night’s rest. By combining sleep meditation with a relaxing bedtime story, each episode will guide you gently towards sleep.) If anyone has trouble turning their brain off try it, I love it!)

    Our work is carrying on (on limited hours but still) and our conference is not till October I am sure it will end up being cancelled and end up virtual or something. Meanwhile we are killling ourselves trying to assign times and rooms to each of the 500 sessions. SMH probably won’t even need it.

    Enjoy being on the farm!!


  3. I love big tall green grass and big butts. I can not lie! Looking forward to the podcast … and any presto videos with balls or socks would be awesome!


  4. Making lemonade is an excellent strategy these days. And that grass – my horse would pop I think. ;D

    The veil of unreality has finally lifted (for me anyway) – no longer waking up thinking it’s all been a bad dream. And then a client told me this morning he’s gotten a dreadful cancer diagnosis, will have to move to VA to get radiation and chemo… on top of everything else – could the timing be any worse?

    Remaining thankful to be on the farm with the critters trying to enjoy each day as it comes…


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