Tell Me Something Good

Times are a wee bit… unstable right now. Schools and restaurants and bars are closed, events are cancelled, traveling is a real bad idea, and social distancing has become the trend of the year.

As an introvert homebody who has literally read hundreds of dystopian novels over the past few years alone, I feel (for once in my life) well-qualified for the current situation. I am lucky enough to still be living out at the farm, so I have plenty of solo outside space and the horses are right there in the backyard. I’m stocked up on feed, hay, shavings, and supplies. Go ahead and lock me in, I could stay here for months.

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I’ve been working from home since Tuesday, which I’m also totally ok with. On one hand, I find myself actually working more, since I don’t have 1.5hrs of driving tacked onto my day. On the other hand, I… don’t have to drive 1.5hrs per day, or spend $75 a week plus tolls getting to and from work. Or like… brush my hair. Or put real pants on. Or see people. Our Skype meetings are blessedly voice-only. I could even sleep in til 6 if I wanted (not that it’s possible for me to sleep that late, but I COULD).

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While I could stay locked away for a good long while without complaints, I feel for those of you who are unable to see your horses, or have restricted access. Let’s hope that they can get a handle on this quickly so you don’t have to go too long without horse time. And to those of you on the front lines – thank you. Y’all are the real m-f’ing heroes.

seriously Florida, stop it

As for me, as you can see I’m mostly living for the memes right now. Even when the world goes to hell in a handbasket, the memers really deliver some levity and I am here for it.

Since things are all looking a little tumultuous and uncertain and maybe even a bit scary right now, I was hoping we could bring a little bit of positivity to the day (jesus, what day is it anyway…) by talking about something good that’s going on in our lives, or even just a positive story that we’ve seen. It’s a crappy shituation but maybe we can try to make the best of it. Hit me up in the comments! It can even be “haven’t run out of candy yet” or “haven’t had to put a bra on for 3 days”. Tell me something good!

43 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good

  1. I’ve been doing a gratitude journal where right before bed I write down five things I’m grateful for or happy about and then when I wake up I re-read what I wrote to start the day on a positive note, so I love this idea!

    One of mine from last night: I’m grateful for long phone call catch-ups with friends that we finally all have time for!

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  2. My Holsteiner gelding is almost 8 months post op from a scary colic surgery that cost him his cecum (followed by an ugly incisional infection that had the surgeons digging deep for experimental antibiotics that THANK GOD finally worked).

    He jumps for the first time since before his surgery this week.

    I’m calling this The Best Week Ever despite the obvious.

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  3. I am a certified Coach and I been looking at few NCCP coaching courses (Basic Mental Skills & Psychology of Performance) to update and because I think the mental side of riding is so important. This week everything has been shut down and I Recieved am email notice both courses were now being offered online and the government is subsiding them. So I am now signed up for them both and it’s not costing me a dime.
    One of my side gigs is house cleaning and due to corvid-19 I have cancelled all my appointments many of my clients very generously still paid me which was huge help and might have made my allergys act up 😭.

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    1. Well that’s a boon! And super nice that clients still paid you despite cancellations, that’s great to hear stories of people taking care of each other.


  4. My job has been vehemently again teleworking. This has forced them to let us try. It’s awful that it took a pandemic, but hopefully this will prove it’s an option! Not full time, once things go back to normal, but maybe a couple days a month.

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    1. I’m wondering how many companies start allowing more of that. Ours is pretty against it as well, at least for our group, but… times they are a changin.


  5. For right now, I can still see my horse on a regular basis. The barn is taking care to do extra sanitizing but they already keep stuff pretty clean. The BOs have said they’ll keep it open as long as they can, so people can have at least one mental health outlet. If they do a shelter in place or quarantine in our area, I threatened to make them do video calls between us and our horses so we can at least see them.

    Otherwise, my job is stable and I don’t have to worry about losing my paycheck. I’m trying to support local businesses as best I can with my limited means. Taking things one day at a time.


  6. The fencing people started working on our new pasture yesterday! Once we get the junk cleaned out and the holes filled in the horses will have actual grass again, happy dance!

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  7. I’m only 5 weeks away from my due date! Pretty pumped about that, haha. I’m also working on a “horse themed nursery decor” blog post, which means baby’s room is just about done. I’m probably the only one that’s excited about that… BUT I AM EXCITED!


  8. My sister in law with a high risk twins pregnancy made it to 37 weeks and had her twins this week! Everyone is healthy and doing well and we are getting lots of pictures and video chat in. 💜

    Oh, and my online friends groups are organizing LOTS of movie watch alongs and video chat D&D games!

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  9. Our indoor / out door cat is loving having everyone home so she can sleep on the couch all day. She will most likely gain a significant about of weigh during this lock down.


  10. I adopted two kittens from the SPCA this past Saturday, literally the day before they closed until further notice. They’re very shy, very fluffy, and very very playful and they’re somewhat making up for my now very restricted pony time.


  11. I’m fortunate our barn hasn’t closed yet. I have a weekly team meeting on Skype that unfortunately is now video since we’re all WFH and the first comment I got was, when can we see the horse? (my avatar is a selfie of me and my mare). So I’m taking the call from my horses stall next week. Well, as long as the barn stays open.

    And my cats are loving me being home and like to lay, as most cats do, over my arms and keyboard whilst I’m trying to work.

    Stay safe everyone!


  12. My future SIL gave me some MC Hammer-esque pants from Morocco that are BEYOND comfy and I’ve been LIVING in them. It’s amazing. She also handed down a very airy, soft cotton jumper that I’m psyched to live in this summer from Thailand. Super grateful for world-traveling future family members who help keep my fashion both comfy and current.


  13. Since most of my WFH meetings use a vidcam so I have to at least pretend I’m dressed, I’m rocking the “WFH mullet” – Nice shirt, hair, and makeup on top, PJs on the bottom half. 😀

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  14. My barn commute is amazing right now. Plus bc my horses are on field board, I don’t have to see A SINGLE HUMAN. It’s the best. And my horse doesn’t even get handled by anyone. Perfection. When I walk my dogs in the city no one’s walking their furry anger management cases up my huskies butts anymore. I’m living my best life right now, and am sad that at some point people are going to want to, like, come near me again. Gross.


  15. I nearly had a panic attack about grocery shopping last weekend, but one of my friends came with so my husband could stay home with the baby. I was able to get everything on my list, including diapers so the baby doesn’t have to go commando. I’m very grateful for that.

    I got to ride on Monday and as of right now the barn is still open.

    Unfortunately I can’t work from home, but next week we’re starting a rotating schedule where two secretaries work Monday, Wednesday and Friday and are off Tuesday and Thursday and the other two are on the opposite schedule. Then the next week we flip flop. I am thankful that my employer is taking precautions and that we will be admin pay for our off days.


  16. Good: I can still go see Remus as our barn is still open. Luckily it never has more than 2-3 people there at one time (I stay away when there are more). IF this shit gets worse and they close I can bring him home i have plenty of grass here….So not a deal breaker but for now I am trying to ride as much i can in a ring (most lessons have gone to private as well which is a win win too)….i want to support them while i can as if they cant use horses in lessons their income is shot and Remus would probably have to come home anyway…so that is kind of good.

    Good: I also had a guy show up and buy my horse trailer this week. With cash. Yeah…we stood about 10 feet apart and he tossed the cash in an envelope on the trailer rim and the deal was done. he took it home. He also forgot the keys and the divider but his place is on the way to barn so he told me to drop off one day and just leave in his barn so no people there either! And best things I think I gained some more horsey friends. YAY? I didnt expect to sell it so quick but you know what with this going on why not? I do need another one but am sitting back and waiting for shit to calm down. I have friends with trailers if he needs to come home and we are going nowhere else!!
    So good news I guess?

    Bad But also Good: Mark is still having to go to work which is bad news but his company makes the regents in the kits that everyone uses so they have had a bumper week and their stock is going up due to this. They are trying to get all product out to those that need it before/if they get shut down.

    My goals this week are to remember to breathe and not freak out, to buy take out from one or more local restaurants to help them. My doggie daycare is still open (limited) so i paid her in advance yesterday for a month so she has some cash (all her boarding have canceled so she needs all the help she can get)… paying it forward…wherever I ca

    However my work just cut my hours soooo not sure how much more generous i can get. Bastards. that is awhole other post.


  17. Here in Canada, measures are a bit different than in the US. Our province is in a state of emergency. Schools closed, anything socially cancelled. Indoor recreational things, including libraries are closed. Bars & restaurants can be open only if they do takeout/delivery.
    Those who can work from home are. Sadly massive layoffs are happening, especially in the retail & hospitality sectors.
    Good: My husband and I are still working. I work 1 street over from home as a bookkeeper & tax preparer. We can do most of our client’s taxes via telephone, the others we can delay as the filing deadline has been extended. Still plenty of routine bookkeeping for me to do that doesn’t require much person-person interaction. My kids are looking at a long period of time off, but they are doing more around the house and taking advantage of online learning opportunities & reading lots. Plus they have mandated outside time and get together with a few friends.
    Bad: Our barn is closed. It’s major income earner is lessons, and I worry over my coach/b.o loss of income. Additionally, my lease horse is on full stall rest. I am not allowed to see her. I have asked that her feet be picked out as I worry about a raging case of thrush.
    All we can do is do our best and hope that in the next month or so the virus spread will plateau.
    Oh and TP shortages are a thing. I still cannot source any. Will need more by mid next week.


  18. I’m lucky enough to work from home full time anyway, so my daily life as a WFH introvert has not really been disrupted! Also got some much-needed saddle time in last night after work 😀 Definitely hoping it’s not the last time for the foreseeable future.


  19. Unfortunately, my work is still operational (cannabis industry) and moreover is telling us there’s no reason to panic. So that’s…less than ideal.

    On the bright side, we’ve been able to put together a wonderful nightly safely distanced game night group on Discord. That’s helping fill the social void for sure. For the time being I still have access to the horses, and my partner and I are generally having a lot of fun cooking great meals and spending more time together.


  20. Was able to sweet talk the first (probably not last) client to call about reducing/halting our services (landscaping). Thankful to be able to channel the most patient version of myself – the version who didn’t say if you can afford to own multiple homes I’m pretty sure you can afford to continue to maintain them.

    Also scored the last thirty bales of orchard my hay supplier had and held for me – she literally had to sit on the stacks. Toilet paper ain’t the only item getting hoarded.

    Lastly – thank you for your thoughtful, reliable and always entertaining blog – it’s much appreciated these days.


    1. I got a little worried about people hoarding feed and hay so got enough yesterday to last for a month or so. They said they weren’t having any supply issues yet but we’ll see as this continues to unfold!


  21. We’re having a sale! And we have some really great books coming along 🙂 It has been wonderful to see how people are reaching out to support small businesses during this mind-blowing time–it gives me hope we’ll all be more connected and less divided when we reach the other side.

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  22. Well. I’m considered “essential personnel” (I work in quality control for pharmaceutical manufacturing) so not only do I still have a steady job, I still report in to work. Extra thankful for that as a year ago I was laid off from a different company, so I’m glad I’m not dealing with that again a year later. Also, my commute is LOVELY without traffic now, though as it’s currently dumping snow (Welcome to springtime in Colorado….), I’m not super jazzed for the commute home, or into the office tomorrow.

    I can still see my pony. My barn is pretty quiet, so I can see it remaining open unless the government says something otherwise…..this is HUGE for me, because literally all I do outside of work is see and ride my pony. Even if the barn closes, I have a friend nearby who keeps her horses at home who would 100% help me out with some equine therapy if needed. (And how she’s set up, we could do so without actually coming near one another, if needed).


  23. I have been able to telecommute from bed in the morning, and since I am staying at home I can now say that my horses have a very well defined nap schedule that has not failed to amuse me every day this week.


  24. I’m knitting, have several half finished crossstitch projects that I might finally complete, and all the ponies are right outside my back door. it’s all good – we even have TP, due to our regular Who Gives a Crap order.


  25. My husband is an ER and nephrology nurse, so to say my anxiety levels are through the roof is an understatement: “worried for my husband” doesn’t quite cover it. It enrages me to see people not taking this seriously. With the asymptomatic carrier situation, nurses should be wearing masks for working with ALL patients at this point, but currently they are under orders to only use masks for patients with respiratory signs because of the mask shortage. The DC suburb hospitals he works at are already overwhelmed and it will only get worse as more people test positive. I worry about what will happen when the nurses and doctors become sick because they can’t protect themselves. I am also considered “essential staff” because I work in vet med, but we are also dealing with the same lack of precautions around clients due to equipment shortage. Did I also mention that my husband is high risk because of asthma? Yeah.

    Good: we will have jobs as long as we can remain healthy. (If one of us becomes sick, the other has to be be quarantined at home for the duration.)

    Good: my state has drive-through testing and has been installing stricter measures by the day. This is honestly a very good thing from the medical community standpoint.

    Good: I love the bonding going on in social media right now. People are going out of their way to cheer up those of us that are emotionally and mentally struggling right now and it is a beautiful thing.

    Good: plenty of food in the fridge and pantry thanks to getting set up for food delivery a good 4 months ago. This has also allowed us to minimize going to the grocery store.

    Good: our favorite bars and restaurants in town are still doing carry-out. We’ve been maintaining our regular “date night” at home.

    Good: I can still see my horse for now. She is on field board at a self-care facility so there is rarely anyone else at the barn. The barn is also only 3 miles from home, so it’s a short drive away.

    Good: Spring is beautiful here right now. I’m taking as much photos of it as I can.

    Good: Our two cats love that we are spending all of our free time at home.


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