Spoiled Creatures

The boys made out quite well this holiday season. Yeah I know, don’t they always? It started with Black Friday, with Henry’s sparkly AF hoof boot (the best hoof boot ever created, if you ask me) and the two new white merino wool Premier Equine pads (which may or may not still be sitting in the house with the tags on because I just want to enjoy them being pristine for as long as possible, ok?). Then of course it was Presto’s awesome gift from his horse mom, which continued the sparkly AF theme.

you’re gonna see pics of these a lot, get used to it

Things just kept coming in waves for them after that. There’s the Hylofit, which I’ve been using a lot as I bring Henry back into work,

yeah I know, getting the Devoucoux re-billeted is on the docket for 2020

but it did highlight the fact that since I moved to the merino wool pads, they take up less space under the saddle, and thus my girths are a little bit big now. Like… almost to the top holes on each side, which means there isn’t really enough room for the Hylofit to sit where it needs to once I mount up and tighten my girth. So I used one of my amazon gift cards that I got for xmas to order Henry a smaller girth, which will fit Presto better too. It has memory foam. Tres fancy.

Image result for collegiate memory foam dressage girth

I went back and forth for a while between a synthetic like this one or a full blown sheepskin girth, thinking about completing Henry’s already ridiculously fluffy outfit. But he’s never had an issue with girths (except the fake fleece ones, which rubbed him, because Henry) so I opted not to introduce more sheepskin maintenance into my life where it wasn’t necessary. Maybe next time.

I also used a visa gift card to buy a tack shop gift card, so that I can get the reversible navy and green elastic breastplate that I’ve been wanting for Presto. Still waiting for that tack shop to email me the gift card…

Image result for nunn finer navy reversible breastplate

The boys also got an item that I’ve been lusting after for a while and talked about a lot – the space boots! Or more specifically, the Majyk Equipe cold compression boots. They look just as NASA-rific in person as I’d dreamed.

I haven’t used them yet, but I’m mega impressed by how well made and rugged they are. These things are legit. The ice packs are a lot thicker and sturdier than the LeMieux ones too, so hopefully they work better. We’ll find out soon. I’ve already played with the air pump, it’s quite fun.

Presto got a new Lund bridle, since he’s officially outgrown his old cob size one. Really that one hasn’t fit him well all year, he outgrew the headstall a long time ago, but now it’s just getting ridiculous and the straps barely reach. So now he’s got a new horse size basic snaffle bridle that should serve him well for the next couple years and be appropriate for any ring (he will probably find himself in some baby hunter classes at some point since I think that’s really good for the greenies). I just, uh… haven’t taken it out of the box and put it together yet. Probably this weekend, when I have time to condition it properly.

it smells like new leather in the house right now though, it’s divine

The boys also got some cleaning-type stuff, which they perhaps might not find particularly exciting, but I do. We’ve got a new product to us, Unicorn Grooming Spray, which is appropriately named. It’s all natural and has a nice mild scent.


And Blanket Safe, which I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I haven’t used it yet but I did open all the scents to smell them and omg they smell amazing. I can’t decide if I like the lavender or the clean linen the most. They’re anti-bacterial, detergent-free, and safe to use on waterproofing, plus I’ve heard really good things about their cleaning power for both blankets and saddle pads. If these work well on the blankets I think I might need to get their fleece and wool formula for my merino wool pads.

cherry, lemon, lavender, and clean linen

What the boys really raked in a lot of this year, though, was treats. Four different kinds, to be exact. Apple and Oats, Nicker Makers, Mrs. Pastures x 2 jars, and cheap Walmart oatmeal cookies (a favorite of Henry’s).

three of the four laid out in a taste test for Henry to see which one he would eat first. It was the Nicker Maker, followed .5 seconds later by the Apple and Oat, followed 1 second later by the Mrs Pastures. Really he chewed them all up together like one big mega-cookie conglomerate, because that’s my boy.

They aren’t the only ones who were a bit spoiled, either. I’ve gotten a few fun horsey things too, starting with the mounting block that I already mentioned. Really though, I love my 3-step. I think I will especially love it once I try to swing a leg over that giraffe I’ve got living out in the pasture.

previous step stool on the left, looking extra shrimpy

I’m also branching out and trying some breeches that are totally new to me – first a pair of Montar from The Dressage Store, which I’ve basically been living in for a couple weeks… it’s too soon to say for sure but they might be my new favorite.

And a pair of Shop Halter Ego’s Perfection breeches in a gorgeous dark gray with navy piping. They’re super pretty.


So really I suppose we’re all spoiled creatures, and I’m gonna have a lot of reviews to write soon. Any of these things in particular that you’re particularly interested in a review on? I need to prioritize them somehow…

11 thoughts on “Spoiled Creatures

  1. I’m really looking forward to a review on the space boots! I haven’t bitten the bullet yet and gotten ice boots for my eventer, but thinking it may be necessary here soon. All the ones I like are super expensive, but it seems like the Majyk Equipe ones are really reasonable if they work!


  2. I purchased some blanket safe from my local tack store and have washed several turnouts with it. I also got their waterproofing spray too. The blankets came out of the washer looking fabulous (even my 20 year old Rhino that’s still going strong) and we’ve tested the waterproofing several times with success. I’m a fan.


  3. How were you able to get a Lund bridle? I ordered one (dressage) in March and was told it was backordered and in June/july I saw a cob size listed on clearance on their facebook page so I asked if I could get that instead of the full size but after numerous emails, I never got the bridle and stopped getting a response 😒


    1. They had to switch manufacturers so they haven’t had any product for a while. The one I have is a test run from the new manufacturer. It sounds like they’ll be back up and running soon?


      1. I hope, I had honestly given up hope of ever getting the bridle which was really disappointing because it was the most money I ever spent on a bridle. It was a lot of money for me to spend and get nothing for it 😥


        1. If you spent money and haven’t gotten any item in return, you can file with your credit card and they’ll refund you! I’ve done it in the exact same situation as you before.


  4. SPACE BOOT REVIEW! Please. Sorry. I’m excited about those. And the hylofit because I don’t really know much about it. Is it very different from other device you have? (Do you have the Seaver? I forget.)
    No one got us horsey presents this year, but I maybe bought more breeches in the Dover sale. I couldn’t help it. They were bogo even on clearance. That’s like $30 breeches. And they actually fit me really well. MUCH better than pipers at least.


    1. Those Dover sales have been DANGEROUS.. I have told myself repeatedly, you are NOT buying yourself anything else, and then an email pops up. The day they had Kastel sunshirts for half off I cracked. I snagged one of those in colors i looooove, a show shirt out of Clearance and the English stirrup-printed PJs I’d been lusting for at half price, too. So far all that’s showed up is the PJs which unfortunately do not fit and will have to go back (They are the weirdest things ever – I know why they are half off because the pants are truly bizarre. I got my usual size and there is enough material in the legs to legit make a whole other pair – absolutely GINORMOUS in circumference!)


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