I think we cut off his brains

Presto has been doing pretty well since his castration last week. He was confined to his stall for the first 20ish hours, and since then has been on pretty much 24/7 turnout except for mealtimes. His stall opens up into his pasture, so at night we’ve just been leaving the stall door open and he comes and goes as he chooses. Otherwise I’ve just been cold hosing and making him move around more everyday with either a pony or a 10 minute walk/trot lunge.

Spending my Friday night cold-hosing my horse’s wee, as one does.

The first couple days he was WILD. Like I texted the vet and asked him to come back out and stitch those things back on, because I was pretty sure we accidentally cut off his brains. Okay, granted, “wild” for Presto really isn’t that wild on the scale of baby horses, but still. There was snorting. There was tail flagging. He morphed into an arabian there for a hot minute.

The vet did warn me that the swelling would likely be worse by the 3rd day, and not to freak out. As predicted, the 3rd day was when things actually started to get puffy. That slowed Presto down a bit physically, but there was still a lot of Chaos, Destruction, and Anarchy running through that little walnut brain of his. Exhibit A:

I turn my back for like 10 seconds and this is the kind of hell that breaks loose. I mean, he’s kinda like this all the time, true, but this was Presto Chaos dialed up to 11. His typically derp-derp-derp brain is moving a thousand miles an hour, making him into a baby horse tornado. Luckily aside from making a general mess of literally ANYWHERE I LEAVE HIM UNATTENDED, the only real casualty so far is his feed bucket.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

He ponied on Sunday, and when I walked him up to a puddle he immediately tried to flop down and roll in it. This spurred a lot of arm flailing and “NO PRESTO NO” from me, because I didn’t want him getting muddy gross water in his incision. I stopped him before he got past sitting on his knees in the puddle like a camel (which was a sight to behold), but my goodness, you little terrorist. He didn’t even give me any warning, he just dove right in. I mean I guess I should be glad that he’s not averse to water, but I also have visions of him rolling in a water jump with me at some point in his Beginner Novice career. We should take bets on that.

Swamp Donkey in his natural habitat

He ponied without too much mischief otherwise, especially after the first lap of the field when he decided we were super boring because I wouldn’t let him chew on Henry. After that I played a little bit with him in Dobby’s little trailer loading practice chute. I think Presto likes it.


To his credit, he’s been a bit better about the cold hosing than I thought he might be. He’s never been the biggest fan of water near his crotch/butt, which I spent all of last summer working on. It’s like he’s convinced I’m gonna stick the hose up his butt or something, which has literally never happened. At least for now he’s stopped curling up like a roly poly as soon as water touches his hind end, and actually he stands pretty still. Especially considering I’m shooting really freaking cold water onto his junk for 10-15 minutes at a time.

Dis lady obsessed with my crotch all the sudden, someone halp.

And yes, you may have noticed he’s gotten super awkward and babyish and growthy looking again. He’s gearing up for a growth spurt for sure, because a couple weeks ago he was looking almost like a normal horse. Let’s hope that the growth spurts this spring aren’t quite as dramatic as the ones last year, where he grew a hand in 3 months. He can slow his roll, thanks.

A cold front blew through last night so hopefully he didn’t spend his evening doing more fantastic arabian impressions or destroying his remaining buckets. Or whatever else he could get his mouth on. So far (knock on literally all the wood) his surgery and aftercare have gone pretty well. Hopefully things keep healing as they should, and maybe his brain cells will start regenerating soon.


Or maybe they won’t…


13 thoughts on “I think we cut off his brains

  1. NERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP. That’s all that last photo leaves me thinking.

    Glad he’s healing well and being a generally good guy about the healing process. Sorry about all of your broken-ish things though.


  2. I think you actually had a pretty good set up for gelding him he gets to keep moving most of the time which I know helps and the weather hasnt been too hot or too cold really. WHEW. I am sorry about his brains though. HAHAHHAHA but he makes us laugh so hard so….not really sorry! And I am taking that bet on him rolling in water cross country with you. OMG I just hope i am there to film it LOL

    The last horse I gelded was many many moons ago….but i know that movement and keeping it clean is key!

    I am glad he is doing okay and hope he is back in no time all healed up and having a brain again! 🙂


    1. i would totally buy it. I refused to throw away the Presto Calendar and my husband looked at me strangely i was like i have to keep it….hahahah so a coffee table book of presto would be amazing! 🙂


  3. What I love the most about his antics is the passive-aggressiveness (or is it aggressive-aggressiveness? The feed would agree on the latter..) behind them. Always with the side eye. “Are you watching? Huh? Are you seeing me being naughty? Whatcha gonna do?”
    I also pray to the Powers That Be that there is a video if he really goes down in the water on XC…yes, I said it.


  4. Jamp’s never fully came back. Granted, he was super old, so probably no regeneration possible at that point.
    I’m sure Presto will be back to his usual self in no time. At least he’s feeling good after the procedure?


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