Sorry for what I said when it was Summer

Remember, like… yesterday, when I was complaining that it was still hot? That’s because it was. And then Texas was like “haha, hope you enjoyed 6 months of summer, because now it’s WINTER, bitches!”.


Yeah it was literally in the 90’s on Sunday, and mid 40’s with constant rain and wind on Monday, continuing into today and… all week, they say. Guess we’re not doing fall? I’ve lived in Texas for over 2 decades and don’t remember it ever getting this cold this early. Normally the weather isn’t like this until December. Watching the cold front march steadily south was just ridiculous. I mean, I know Texas is huge, but an almost 60 degree temperature range from north to south?

And now it’s just windy and cold and gross. I’m barnsitting, so the horses have been stuck inside, which means constant stall cleaning and hay throwing and wet toes and cold hands. I’m grumpy. They’re bored. We all agree that this is not okay weather for October. Texas better snap out of this shit real quick, because I don’t suffer through endless disgusting heat just to then turn around and freeze my soaking wet ass off. We’ve earned some decent weather by this point, dammit.

Luckily I had already gotten my horses’ sheets and blankets cleaned and fitted and ready to go. They’re stuck inside too, and bored, and Henry in particular looks kind of sad, but at least they’re snug and cozy. These are the days when you really have to appreciate the barn workers… this shit sucks to work in, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Henry is as not-okay with this as I am
Presto mostly just hates clothes

And yes, I’m really glad I ended up buying Presto a 72″ sheet, because I think he would have outgrown a 70 in no time. Hopefully that little bit of extra room in the butt will at least allow us to make it through this winter, and then it’ll definitely never fit again.

Of course, I kind of feel like an asshole, because I clipped Henry last week after Willow Draw… where I had also felt like an asshole for not clipping him beforehand, considering it was almost 90 degrees when we were running XC. You just can’t win around here. And his coat is growing back so fast that I might actually have to clip him AGAIN before Holly Hill. Assuming that the whole state doesn’t float away by then, anyway. At this point, who knows.

Wet. Everything is wet.

There is a bit of good news here though… I got to break out a hoody. Favorite item of apparel, for the win. I guess I should have been more specific about the circumstances that I wanted to necessitate said hoody. The other good news is that I’ll be back to our riding schedule on Wednesday, rain or shine or cold be damned. Even if it just means trotting circles in the arena.

What’s the weather like where you are? I hereby declare today Bitch About The Weather Day, so if the weather is nice where you are… I hate you in advance.

Also Texas sucks.

31 thoughts on “Sorry for what I said when it was Summer

  1. Wind chill was 28 on Sunday. It was also raining. It got up to 47 yesterday. It froze overnight again and I think it’s supposed to get into the low 50s today.


  2. Pretty much exactly the same situation in Missouri, although our cold front came in last week. This week is supposed to be around 60 for the high most days. I was totally not prepared for it to get cold this fast, blankets were still in a pile in my garage from last year. Why can’t we ever seem to have a decent fall or spring anymore??


  3. cold cold cold here in Tenn too. it was 95 on Friday then dropped to 50s and never came back. Last nite it got to 42. and next week they are calling for high 40s day and low 30s at nite….and oh rain. SO MUCH rain. I guess i should be happy it is so muddy and COLD remus and tate are staying relatively clean…But yeah. COLD. and WET and NOT TENN WEATHER. Not what I signed up for. You know if FHI is going to be better weather than where you are there is an issue LOL HA

    and when Presto runs out of room in the 72 i will buy it from you for Tate 🙂 He wears a 70 but sure his roundness would work…in a 72 🙂


  4. Yeah… we were supposed to get a flight of shelter dogs from Hell Paso, I mean EL Paso and the plane was grounded because of ice! What? There isn’t even ice in Idaho yet!


  5. Here in Texas closer to I-45, 6” since last Friday. Rivers & creeks & ponds about 80% capacity (normal for rivers & creeks here is 20% capacity). Shallower ponds are out of banks.

    It’s raining nearly continuously and forecast to be like this through Saturday. It’s not Harvey, but dang.

    Probably glad you are skipping Pine Hill USEA recognized on Saturday! They have basically good drainage, but this will be interesting.


  6. German here.
    We had unreasonably warm and more over dry weather since…March? We had literally weeks of high 90s/low 100s which is not the norm here in the middle western part…
    Now fall rolled around and we are still hitting mid-eighties to mid-seventies most days. And it still hasn´t rained, like, at all. Everything is dying.
    I kinda fear winter. It will be either super mild so none of the insects actually die off or it will turn utterly, bitterly cold. Our usually temperate climate is gone, it seems….


  7. NC is equally hateful – however, we are getting about a week of ok-ness. However, most of our typical “fall” has been eaten up by hurricanes and flooding. I am ready for hurricane season to be over, even if it means jumping into a wet craptastic winter.


  8. Wind chill of 24 this morning in Kansas City! I was not ready to break out the blankets and heated buckets / tank heaters this early 😦 Weather has made for some seriously spicy ponies the last few days!


  9. Considering it has snowed several times over the last month….I think I win the shitty weather award.

    Supposed to be 18*C tomorrow for a high….low is 3*C. Talk about difficult to blanket in. Horse will definitely be too warm during the day. But there is no one to do blankets.


  10. Hmmm..for once SC in winning! It was still in the upper 80s low 90s last week, then dipped a little and now has settled into cool mornings/evenings and 70s in the afternoon. Which is about to last for all of a week and then we will join you in cold, rainy and gross, but I can bask in this week at least.

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  11. Missouri also just jumped straight from summer to winter, but since we also jumped from winter to summer earlier this year, I guess transitional seasons are just not a thing that we do anymore?! 🙄 Gross.


  12. Yeah we did the whole 90-to-40 drop a couple of weeks ago, complete with the rain and wind. It SUCKS. It’s the worst kind of weather. Now it’s just in the mid-40s but at least the sun is out. I heard a rumor that it’s going to be in the 60s later this week and honestly that sounds so nice and warm now.
    Our indoor arena is out of commission at the moment (getting insulated, which will be amazing this winter) so between the cold rain and the fact that it gets dark by 6:30 now, finding time during the daylight and dry-enough places to ride has been challenging. Maybe I’ll recommend the next upgrade to be outdoor arena lights…


  13. 30° F with a high of 60° F here and clear…. but WAY too cold for me. I’m the one soaking in the sun like a friggin’ lizard all summer while people complain. Busted out the winter coat today for work and bought winter riding boots that I intend to start riding in …. now 😅


  14. Same weather pattern here! It rained all summer, was 80 degrees last week so all the horses were sweating in their winter coats (while it was still raining). Now it’s 50 (overnight was 32!)… and still fucking raining! So. Over. It.


  15. We just don’t do spring or fall anymore I think. Tuesday it was 90 here. Friday night I had SNOWFLAKES at my house. The hell. Luckily it was 60 in time to run XC Sunday but my god.

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  16. Yep, North Central Texas up here. 80 on Sunday… 44 on Monday with a 32 degree wind chill. They’re saying we’ve broken the record for earliest sub-50-degree high temperature by a week. And the rain. So much rain. I think we’re forecast for 5-7 inches by end of day tomorrow… and then two days of 50% chances of rain and a Friday forecast of “thunderstorms.”


  17. I agree with you on the weather! 90 gegrees, 85 percent humidity to 39 with wind& cold rain! It shocks your system to change so fast. I come to Austin periodically, would like to meet Henry & Presto someday!


  18. It’s basically the same here. Thursday was 85. Saturday for my stupid marathon relay race, was raining and 40’s. I’m too old for that shit.
    Yesterday and today were semi acceptable for fall I guess in the 50’s. (I prefer 60’s for fall, but whatever.) But we’re heading to highs in the low 40’s for Thursday. I really hope the new horse’s blankets hurry up and get here!


  19. Ugh the only thing worst then it being either too hot or too cold is getting both!
    I live on the Pacific coast, and it can easily be 25 degrees colder at my house than just 15 minutes away.


    1. That’s wild, out their on the frontier of “local weather”. 🙂 I’d have to keep layers of wardrobe in the car! 🙂 🙂


  20. The biggest problem, for me, is that the forecast is all broken and inaccurate. My two best weather app & website (Storm and NOAA) used to be pretty reliable for the next few days at least. Now they keep changing their minds on an hourly basis.

    The poor barn help are being subjected to daily texts changing what I said yesterday. Fortunately they are cool with this. So far. It helps that my horse likes to kiss on them, and they like that and want him to be perfectly comfortable at all times. 🙂

    Well, at least this is encouraging folks to hone their daily preparedness for everything from Noah’s flood to a lovely clear sunny day that you don’t want to miss for a ride outside the covered arena. I’m keeping two raincoats in the car so that when one is becoming saturated, it can dry while I switch to the other one. My mud boots have their own little box to keep the mud contained.

    I have a bad feeling this continues for another few weeks at least … god help us, hopefully not till next summer.


  21. We’ve had a little rain here which is nice but it’s come a bit late.
    Severe severe drought, hay is becoming next to impossible to find. I thought down south may have escaped this issue but looks like even they won’t be bailing.

    Times are very scary!


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