Friday Musings

I had a much longer, semi-intelligent post drafted for today but I’m too tired for that level of editing, proofreading, and discussion right now. Can’t. Instead you get all the ramblings of the stuff that’s going through my head at the moment. Yeah, it’s okay if you run away now.

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Side note, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is still one of the most brilliant movies ever made. There, I said it. 

First of all, I feel like I should address something.

It’s okay to disagree with me. You don’t have to post comments under fake names or try to hide your IP address (WordPress is better at tracking that than you think, anyway 😉 ) or whatever else. If I couldn’t handle criticism, scrutiny, and dissent, I wouldn’t be a blogger and put my life on blast. I’m always open to rational, polite discussion, either here or privately. My contact page is always open, so to speak. Granted, if you come at me with a lot of caps and a boatload of exclamation marks, I’ll probably ignore you. Otherwise though, I love having a good conversation from someone who sees things differently than I do. Just want to make sure I’m clear on that. And, for the record – no, I don’t support a total zero tolerance blood rule, but I do think something needs to be done. IMO a yellow card system is better and more appropriate.

Heavy stuff out of the way, if you guys aren’t watching the Badminton live stream you’re really missing out. They’ve always got THE BEST commentary, it’s worth watching just for that alone. The Brits, they are cheeky as hell and brutally honest, but still somehow manage to not come off as catty or rude. You have to love it. My favorite comments from yesterday were “The horse stood on his hind legs, waving his front legs in the air very elegantly…” and “really lovely piaffe”.

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unfortunately this is not part of the 4* dressage test
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neither is this

The XC course this year looks pretty smart, I’m interested to see how everything plays out. I’ll be rooting for MJ & Sam, the two by Ramiro B (Cooley SRS and Cooley Earl), and Lauren Kieffer of course. Watching her performance on Vermiculus last weekend was inspiring (clearly they have a great partnership, I love it) and she deserves a little bit of vindication with Veronica.

It also just occurred to me that the Kentucky Derby is tomorrow. I watched a few of the prep races, mostly by accident, but otherwise have not kept up with racing at all this season. On a very selfish, superficial level, I’ll be rooting for Audible. I admit it, I want the free American Pharoah audiobook.


I’ve been going a little nuts on Audible lately. I drive a lot, so it works. I’m almost done with James Comey’s book (whether you like him or not, it has been really illuminating, I have to say) and have Joe Biden’s, Trevor Noah’s, and one of Buck Brannaman’s up in the queue. That’s something like 24 hours worth of audiobooks, which sadly won’t really take me that long to get through. Sometimes I feel like I live in my truck. There is a busy weekend ahead, with least 12 hours total on the road. Any other must-download books that I should check out? For audiobooks I really prefer either true crime or autobiography/memoir types. I read fiction on my kindle. Can’t freakin stand how most of them are narrated.

Have a good weekend everyone! Who are you rooting for in the Derby and at Badders?

33 thoughts on “Friday Musings

  1. I’m reading the James Comey book now! I’m nearer to the beginning, but so far I really appreciate his views on what makes a good leader. No advice on other audiobooks here – I tend towards fiction. Though if you’re looking for a decent spy drama to read read in the future – check out Red Sparrow.


  2. No help on the audible suggestions… I listen to mostly fantasy stuff, which I do find typically has better narrators. One book (not GoT) was even narrated by Sophie Turner. I won’t admit how long it took me to realize that.

    I am mostly staying out of the fray with the LRK3DE drama. I am writing letters and voting with my dollars, but I am not getting on the internet screaming and throwing things. I will admit that I like the Show Jumping rule regarding blood in the mouth:

    “The Ground Jury must enforce Elimination under the following circumstances:… Horses bleeding in the mouth (in minor cases of blood in the mouth, such as where a Horse appears to have bitten its tongue or lip, Officials may authorize the rinsing or wiping of the mouth and allow the Athlete to continue; any further evidence of blood in the mouth will result in Elimination);”

    Although, yellow cards are likely appropriate too. (and there I go, jumping into the fray)


  3. I agree re. the yellow card system, I’m ‘trying’ to stay out of the rest of the controversy as much as I can.
    Rooting for MJ & Sam (obviously), Oli T on either as my patriotic duty, Ros Canter now after she pulled out that test (I think she deserves to better her 5th from last year) and finally Jonty and Art, I was gutted for him after their 20pens late on last year.


  4. I actually signed up for Kindle Unlimited just for the audiobooks. I roast through my Audible subscription so fast. Sometimes it’s less about quality of the book and more about quantity of entertainment hours that inspires me to click. 🤣 I love running to audiobooks, too. A really good one can inspire me to get off my butt and out there door!


    1. I really only like audiobooks when I’m driving (I think I’m too distractable otherwise), but I do love my kindle unlimited for regular books. I too blow through them really quickly.


  5. I’m totally rooting for Audible for the very same reason! I mean, really, I usually make my pick based on fun names or pretty silks, so why not 😉


  6. I struggle with audiobooks because I can read so much faster than narrators speak, so the pace can annoy me. But considering how much I drive, I really should utilize them more!


  7. Thank you for reminding me to pick up the Comey book. I read the transcript of his interview with Stephanopolous (sp?) and I am a little sad that he is no longer and appointed federal official. That kind of thoughtfulness and integrity is lacking in some other appointed federal officials.


    1. I downloaded it after watching his Town Hall with Anderson Cooper. I was impressed with his stance on what makes good leadership. In that way, the book really does not disappoint. He’s a smart guy. I also appreciated understanding why he made some of the decisions he did, and getting to hear some of his impressions of the various presidents he’s worked with.


  8. My best friend got to go to the town hall with Comey/Cooper and after hearing her talk about it, I want to read his book! I have trouble with audiobooks, I get too distracted and end up spending more time going, “wait, what?” and rewinding. I read a lot on my Kindle though.
    I can’t get the Badminton stream to work for longer than like 30-40 seconds at a time BAH.


  9. Yes, yes, yes, to the Holy Grail comment!! If I don’t make a joke about being repressed at least once a week to SO than I’m probably sick haha


  10. Ok ok ok I’ll watch Badminton….I cannot resist some good old cheeky British commentary. Anyone else a complete sucker for everything British? But I may have to look away during the XC (obviously I am in the right discipline (dressage) because I do not have the guts to even watch XC on tv!) Also, I am on team Lauren. My good friend took several lessons from her last winter down in FL and LOVED her. Such a kind person and true horsewoman. It’s so enjoyable to watch teams that have that special connection and harmony with eachother, and they are definitely one of those.


  11. I just finished, and really loved John Hodgman’s memoir Vacationland. He reads it himself, and does a wonderful job!


  12. i love audible. I listen to a book whenever i am in a car/truck (same thing Amanda I have to be driving otherwise i get distracted and don’t listen but its almost Zen in a car). I listen to mystery and thrillers and have been known to choose a book on the basis of its narrator (Jim Dale for one). That is how i listened to Night Circus. Never could get thru the book but the audiobook zoomed 🙂

    I forgot the derby was this weekend. Every year i get less and less interested in it.

    I think i need a kindle or something i dont like reading books on my ipad but wonder if the ligher weight kindle would work. I don’t read as much as I would want to due to carrying a book around where kindle would help that.

    And I also am one who would have to watch CC thru hands over my eyes.


  13. Not an audiobook, but if you don’t mind podcasts, one of my favorites is The Last Podcast on the Left. It’s three guys and they do true crime, conspiracy theories, and paranormal stuff. I am so full of serial killer knowledge now and have no one who is as excited about it as me, ha.

    I’ve completely lost track of the derby this year. Much more excited for Badders! I love LK and her horses so I’m very excited for her. But wouldn’t mind seeing the Grand Slam.


  14. i’m eager and hopeful to watch badminton tomorrow but my schedule is not looking at all promising at all (tho hopefully i’ll be able to catch the early morning stuff). we’ll see.

    also i appreciate that you bring attention to tough subjects, and that you care enough to start a conversation. we don’t need to have the answers, and we don’t need to agree, but thoughtfulness is the first step in problem solving.


  15. I’m rooting for Free Drop Billy in the derby for the oh so scientific reason that he’s the closest related to my OTTB. Ignoring the fact that Cosmo was terrible on the track.

    I’m honestly a bit disenchanted by eventing in general, especially upper level eventing, so I haven’t paid attention to Badminton.


  16. I am feeling the same with you on Badders picks. Extra soft spot for Sam. Heart eyes.

    As for the Kentucky Derby, I’ve got my eye on the foreigner, Mendelssohn. He really impressed me in that last race and I want to see if he is capable of pulling it off in the derby. My second choice was Audible, but I can’t stand Todd Pletcher. My husband picked him, even though he feels the same about the trainer. Mom has Good Magic, grandma has Bolt D’oro. We have three way phone called on the derby since 1998 after I moved to Idaho, so this is our jam!


  17. Also rooting for Audible! Mostly because he has the cutest baby pics which is obviously very related and important for racehorses haha. I’m from Louisville and living in Cali right now… NOBODY here understands how big Derby is. Ugh. Weirdos.


  18. Flameaway, but wouldn’t mind the perks of Audible winning. ;D In a field of 21 horses, seems like almost anyone has a chance – those crowded starts tend to defy the odds…

    I know you mentioned not liking fiction on Audible, but I just finished listening to James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small series. I was in desperate need of something relentlessly positive to balance out my news feeds.

    It was glorious. One – because the writing is exquisite. I was too young to appreciate Herriott’s skills on my first reading. Two – hearing the Yorkshire + Scottish accents adds to the experience. Three – there is so much great technical info re anatomy and treatment, especially equine. Not watered down at all. ❤️


  19. I listen to audiobooks all the time. I have audible, but try to get most for free from my library. They have overdrive so I can download the audio books onto my phone just like an audible. I really like all of Mary Roach’s books and I’ve listened to several on audio. I listened to The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck on audio and it was really interesting.


  20. I love audio books.
    Personal favorite is the Dresden files by Jim Butcher. The narration is fantastic. I’m not a fantasy lover but this series set in our world with a little magic is the best. Everyone that I have suggested it to have enjoyed it.


  21. Bolt d’oro bc his daddy is from Montana like me and Justify bc his damsire is Ghostzapper the sire of my adorbs OTTB! No idea on badminton bc I’m at a h/j show and can’t watch. 😕


  22. they are giving away the audlble book even tho he got third. Already downloaded. that track was DISGUSTING Too. Never seen it that bad. What a great race. And a free book to boot! 🙂 I bet they are still trying to get mud off all those horses that was a lot of mud except on Justify 🙂


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