WTW Inspection: The Rest of the Horses

It occurred to me that some of you might want to see the inspection pictures of Liam too, since a) he’s adorbs, b) he’s featured so prominently in Presto’s life story thus far, as the trusty BFF. But if I’m gonna post pics of Liam, I may as well post pics of all the WTW horses that were part of the inspection, right? I mean, in some capacity y’all have probably at least heard most of them mentioned on here before. And if you haven’t, you should. Because Willow Tree is the best and you will keep hearing about them forever and ever. Plus a whole post full of pictures of pretty horses is never a bad thing. So I guess consider this an update post on the horses you already know, and an introductory post for the ones you don’t. **The overcast pics were taken on actual Inspection Day, and the sunny pretty ones are from an impromptu “redo” with better lighting.

First and foremost: Liam!

always a showoff



he’s got the best baby stallion lips



And of course there’s Liam’s dam, Lissa (Lasino x Winnetou), the 1.50m GP jumper mare. I thiiiink Michelle is going to breed her back to Emerald next year and hope for a keeper filly this time? She borrowed Henry’s jumping bridle for the inspection… I think she pulls off the Lund figure 8 and the Boy-O-Boy browband with panache.



Chanel Z (Crown Z x Heartbreaker) showed through 1.40m classes both in Europe and here in the US. Chanel already had two foals in Europe before she was put under saddle and then sold across the pond. The first foal is currently jumping at 1.45m in the UK and the other is at 1.20m in Slovakia.





Inca R (Diabolo D’Esquelmes x Lux Z) is a super cute 3yo black filly that was started under saddle this year. If you know anyone that’s looking for a more petite sporthorse prospect, she’s for sale! Inca is very smart and easy and quiet, with a huge stride, and should mature about 16-16.1h. And she scored a 9 for her trot at the inspection.






Laken (Torino x Pikadero) is out of another mare that Michelle used to have – Portia. They look very very similar: big, powerful, and beautiful. Laken showed a little bit when she was younger, through 1.15m, and now she’s in foal to Diarado.





Hanna (Iris Landai x Iveday) was the very first broodmare at WTW, the one who started it all. Hanna is the senior lady of the herd but started her life in Belgium, where she won a huge young horse class before being imported and having a long career in the children’s and junior hunter ring.




And then there’s Stormie the sportpony, smallest in stature but largest in ego. This is the pony that all the big name riders keep trying to buy from Michelle every time she takes it to a clinic (yes, this is her main riding horse too!). Stormie moves fantastic and jumps even better. REALLY can’t wait to see some super nice sportponies out of this one! I haven’t come across very many ponies in the US that equal her quality. I just wish we had a stronger pony jumper market here.


also a showoff



There is one more that I just had to include here. Murphy is a quarter horse, and he’s bred for barrel racing, but he’s adorable. You might be seeing more of him in the future once Liam leaves, because this little nugget is Presto’s other friend. Granted, Murphy is like half the size, but he’s got more than enough confidence in himself to make up the difference.



I also really wanted to share these because this was Michelle’s first time hosting her own inspection at her own farm, and she really busted her ass making it nice. Sun up to sun down (or later) for WEEKS, doing upgrades around the farm, mowing, painting all these jumps and poles, making and stuffing flower boxes, watering, re-landscaping, getting the horses ready, getting shirts and banners made, etc etc. I’m proud of her and want to recognize her accomplishment, and I feel like everyone else should get to see it too. Round of applause for you, friend!

Oh, and if you’re not following Willow Tree Warmbloods on social media (facebook and Instagram), you really should.

31 thoughts on “WTW Inspection: The Rest of the Horses

  1. Kudos to Michelle for putting on such a great inspection but she is so determined I knew she could do it 🙂 LOL I love seeing all the other horses. And Liam is so huge beside Michelle.

    I might have to steal me Murphy. HA he is so adorable and cute.


  2. Liam looks enormous next to Michelle! WOW. He is a big boy lol Love seeing all the other horses! I figured for Michelle to put on an inspection herself she must have more horses but I wasn’t sure. How exciting for her!


  3. Kudos to her, this is the kind of people I want breeding horses in this country. The quality of her mares shows through to the quality of these young ones! I love their social media, too.


  4. *fans self* So many gorgeous horses! Laken is *built*
    And Hanna does so not look like a senior.
    Is Liam giong to be a stallion prospect? What a hunk of horse…what is his expected mature height, 18 h?? Kidding. A bit..
    Kudos to Michelle for all the work. Everything looks amazing and her band of broodies is pretty impressive. I would love to see a Stormie special…


    1. Liam is not actually much taller than Presto, just an inch or two. He’s just a lot wider and bigger boned. I think his new owner will probably keep him intact, at least until/unless there’s a reason not to.


  5. I wish we had more of a pony market, too, because I freaking LOVE them. Doesn’t hurt that Stormie helps me make goals for Grif and myself because she’s close to his stature and totally rocking it.


    1. That pony can jump. I will never forget Buck Davidson’s face the first time Michelle went through the angled gymnastic at his clinic and Stormie kicked that hind end up above the standards. It was priceless.


  6. I really enjoy reading your updates about breeding and WTW. It isn’t something I am very familiar with and enjoy learning more about. WTW. certainly comes across as a quality operation and the inspection pictures show it off as a professional organization that seems to have all the right priorities. It shows well. Congrats to your friend.


  7. Thank you SO MUCH Amanda!!!! You have no idea how much that means to me. It was so amazing, despite all the crazy weather lol!! It was one of the best days ever because of all of you guys. I seriously have the most incredible friends and family!!!

    And thank you so much also to everyone for all of your sweet comments about my girls!!! (and little boys)!! I love my girls so much and cannot believe how blessed I am to have each of them. They are all so unique and special to me. I am so thankful that I get to live this life.

    Liked by 1 person

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