Epic Europe Adventure Part 4: what had happened was…

So, I didn’t intend to leave you guys hanging on Friday. It was working out pretty well to where I’d get back to our accommodations in the evening, I’d put up a blog post, and the time difference would make things line up just fine.

My first german meal was a proper one: Paprikaschnitzel mit pommes
Our Air bnb in Germany

Until Friday.

What happened Friday? Well, it was the first day that we were at Bundeschampionate, for one. And we met up with Gerd, the breeder of one of Michelle’s mares, who had a horse competing there in the dressage. Like pretty much everyone else we met along the way, we were fast friends, and he quickly took us under his German wing. Mostly at the wine bar. Germans plus alcohol… can you see where this is going?

Gerd’s dressage horse. I’m told he jumps, too!

For most of the day we were on our own while Gerd was with his horse, so we spent a long time hitting up the trade fair (omg, it seriously rivaled Rolex)

Tiniest parlantis ever

then watched a little bit of everything – jumper ponies, jumper horses, XC, and dressage – and got ourselves oriented to the facility. There were A LOT of rings and a lot going on.

5yo pony, I think this was the eventual winner
5yo jumpers
More 5yo’s
6yo eventer
I have a lot of opinions about the 3yo dressage stallions we watched, but I don’t think any of us have the time or energy for THAT particular rant right now.

At the end of the day we rendezvoused with Gerd again, expecting a quick little chat in the ringside tent over a glass of wine. Ah, that’s cute. Somehow it morphed into a 6 hour wine bar extravaganza where we made a whole lot of brand new German BFF’s and somehow ended up at the rider’s party, which was complete with some serious lights and dance music. Oh, and currywurst, which is super good at midnight with some pommes. The things you learn at BuCha.

What. Is. Happening.

Long story short, this is why no blog post on Friday, since we ended up being at BuCha for like… 16 hours total. The next morning was painful too, so I just didn’t have it in me. We learned really quickly that we cannot keep up with the Germans.

But hey, how often do you get to hang out with a bunch of REALLY good breeders (and riders), IN Warendorf, AT Bundeschampionat, drinking wine and attempting to speak some really broken German? The lost sleep was totally worth it.

Oh, and what did I get at the trade fair? 

Exactly what I was looking for! Henry got some fancy leather bell boots, too… he’ll model them soon.

14 thoughts on “Epic Europe Adventure Part 4: what had happened was…

  1. who would have thought you of all people would have been sidelined by WINE? LOL. Glad you had fun and yes it was very quiet a few days without you. Glad you are on way back (or back now)?? Can’t wait to see more photos and hear more about it!! Did you wear your new boots back? LOL


  2. Currywurst und Fritten are the best! Especially after some partying and alcohol.
    I too would like to hear the rant. Though, knowing how they are shown st the BuCha I think I can at least imagine the direction this is going. Imo it is not exclusively a dressage problem though.
    Please, rant away.


    1. They do a better job in general, but they definitely start them at 2 or 3 and have them showing o/f at 4. The 3yo’s pretty much just w/t/c around the ring and then did a conformation portion, similar to a materiale class.


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