Review: SleekEZ grooming tool

I usually do a full body clip every year, so it’s been forever since I had a horse that was shedding a winter coat. Like… maybe a decade or more. Practicality-wise I love the Irish clip that I did this year on Henry, but now that we’re into shedding season OMG HAIR. He grows a coat like a wooly mammoth.

hairy butt

I’ve been currying Henry’s hairy ass for a month now, and it’s seemed like a lot of work for very little reward. I thought surely there was something out there that could get all the hair off more quickly and easily but didn’t cost an arm and a leg? When I saw that Teddy’s Tack Trunk is now carrying SleekEZ, I knew I wanted to try it. Toi only carries stuff that she likes, and she has yet to steer me wrong on a grooming tool.

I had the SleekEZ in my hands a couple days later (because TTT always breaks land speed records when it comes to shipping, I’m pretty sure they’re bribing the US postal service or something) and immediately took it to the barn. Much to my delight, the hair just showered right off with the SleekEZ. I’m a little obsessed with this thing, no lie. I love watching long gross winter hair pile up on the floor. I especially love that I don’t have to stand there and curry forever, stopping every once in a while to clean the hair out of the curry comb. Using the SleekEZ is as simple as using a sweat scraper, and the hair just falls away. Quick and easy (just like Bobby).


Besides just being a really easy, effective way at removing all that shedding hair, the SleekEZ also pulls dander and dirt out of the coat as well. It has a unique blade with tiny, closely spaced teeth that enable it to really get all the way down to the base of the hair. Henry had one particular flaky spot that I’d been picking at for a while, trying to get the scaly stuff off, and the SleekEZ pulled it all right out. It’s really easy to clean, too, just a simple spritz and then wipe down with a towel.

I’ve liked it so much that I’ve let a few other people use it as well, and everyone has been equally impressed. One person had been using a shedding blade and said that the SleekEZ gets way more hair out in way less time. I like the Large size to cover more surface area on the body, although I’ve also been using it (gently) on his legs too with no problem. Henry is a delicate flower with lots of opinions and has yet to complain about the SleekEZ.

At under $20 the SleekEZ is one of the cheaper shedding tools on the market, and IMO totally worth it. It’s made shedding season so much more bearable (and kind of a little fun…)!

24 thoughts on “Review: SleekEZ grooming tool

  1. I haven’t been impressed with mine, and my horse doesn’t seem super impressed either. I found that I got better results with the old fashion curry comb and elbow grease.


    1. I’ve had just the opposite experience, and so did everyone else in the barn that has used it. We’re all marveling at how much better it is than a regular curry!


    2. I have found the same thing with this.
      It TOTALLY depends on what kind of coat your horse grows. One of my mares last spring it worked wonderful on, the other it didn’t really work on at all.


  2. Ive had this for about a year – FYI it works very well on dogs too. My Anatolians have a seriously thick winter coat and it not only sheds, it detangles as well. Works matts out too.


  3. I got a SleekEZ about 2 weeks ago (and posted a super similar review on my blog) and it’s MAGIC! I think that my mare is actually done shedding her winter coat after only 2 weeks. It’s glorious!


    1. Henry has a ton of hair so we’ve still got a long way to go, but there’s less and less every day! He looks a lot better, every day I’m able to get off whatever is ready to come off. Magical little thing.


  4. I LOVE mine! I did opt for the smaller “dog” size. I found it easier to hold in my hand. No matter what size, this thing is a must have for spring shedding!

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  5. I love mine! My guys aren’t really letting go of their winter coats yet, but hopefully soon I can start making a dent.

    However, as a friend of mine pointed out (after making her own, haha), it’s really just a hacksaw blade in a chunk of wood. So if you’re unsure about shelling out for one, make your own! 🙂


    1. I gotta admit, I think I’d rather pay $18 than try to figure out how to affix a hacksaw blade to a chunk of wood in a safe and secure way that didn’t include myself or the horse missing an appendage! LOL. Fingers = worth every penny. But yes, its a pretty basic tool.


  6. We got a few of these at work to test out and they work amazing! It works well on blankets or saddle pads with tons of hair on them too.The only thing I didn’t like is that I found it to leave the coat really dull, which I am definitely not a fan of. I have a smaller one for my cat and to scrape her hair off of her favorite couch spot and its great.


  7. These have been floating around the barns and I have been meaning to pick one up. The only downside is that I have noticed the blade eventually rusts (same thing happens with shedding blades). But if stored out of the elements, I think that could stave off the rust a good bit longer. I would probably still curry on top of using one of these, too, but they really take the shed hair, dander, and dirt right out of the coat.


  8. Love my SleekEZ!! I have the 5 inch and use it on both my pony & dog. Is it just me or is one side of the blade slightly more “grabby” than the other? I use it with the winter coat even before shed season because, like you said, it works up the dander and mess off the skin. Cannot recommend this enough!


  9. havent tried mine but planning to today!! I just got it this week and for my Yak (ahem I mean Quarter horse) with the LONGGGGGGGGGGGGG Winter coat i have high hopes. He did not get clipped this year at all so dear God I may be buried in hair. He doesnt usually mind brushes so hoping he likes this so we can at least make ourselves presentable before our lesson tomorrow! 🙂 (AND so neat whoever put about hair off saddle pads. That is my total annoyance so i am going to try it!) 🙂


  10. I have a small pony and her coat is extremely thick. I got a SleekEZ last year and it worked really well on her especially. Though both she and Dexter seem to like it. I plan to pull it out this weekend since it’s in the 60s and they’re both starting to shed.


  11. I got the smaller size for Christmas and Thule dog LOVES it. She is not one to sit for grooming and is constantly shedding. She especially likes it around heck, where her collar usually sits. The hair floods off. Right into a pile on my lap.


  12. I like the SleekEZ but prefer the Epona Shed Flower. Same concept with small, closely spaced teeth, but because you use a curry motion, you are doing double duty of currying and shedding. It also doesn’t dull out the new coat coming in. I use mine as my regular, everyday curry as well as my bathing tool. Gets down in to the dander really well…and only costs $5. 😀


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