ORDERED! And other adventures…

Since Henry got his SI injection on Friday, he was on stall rest for the weekend. And since free weekends are rare around these parts, I took the opportunity to head up to the h/j show in Waco to visit Luxe EQ… and to get fitted for my TUCCI’s, of course!

Next time you see this photo it will be the real boot instead of a photoshop mock-up

I’ve been ogling Tucci’s for years and somehow know a lot about them, but I had never actually tried them on. This is by design, because once I try something on, it tends to come home with me. Now that I know for a fact that I’m getting them, it was finally safe to try some on. It helps that I’m built very average… there’s nothing particularly odd about any of my proportions, and most things tend to fit me off the rack. In this case, the 39H (extra tall) were perfect.

This is the saddest comparison ever

They really did fit like a glove, which is very convenient… no full customs required. They were also super comfortable, especially considering they were brand new boots. I don’t think I realized just how much the sole in my Mondoni’s had worn down until I had them both on at the same time. Poor Mondoni’s. For $200 boots, they’ve really hung in there pretty well for the past 3 years.

for real

So the Tucci’s (I ordered the Marilyn, no patent, with a navy top) are officially on order! Hopefully they’ll be here within a couple months… I am obviously in desperate need.

I also took the time to paw through all of the new stuff in Luxe EQ (one of my favorite things, it’s like Christmas only not as fun because I don’t actually get to keep any of it). Starting with the new Miss Shield, which wins the award for the best box I have ever seen in my life.

so rainbow!
A few different models

Not gonna lie, the box alone kind of made me want it. But box aside, I liked the profile of the Miss Shield… the brim was a bit bigger and wider than the regular one, but without being HUGE or ridiculous or overpowering like some other brands. It seems like it would work well on lots of different face and head shapes. There are some better pics from all angles on the website if you’re curious about the profile.

not too big

They’ve also got the new MaeLort waterproof backpacks, which seem to be the hot new thing popping up right now all over social media. This is the first time I’ve seen one in person.

bonus Simko belt cameo (fun fact, Madonna was wearing a Simko belt at the Women’s March)

Plus the new Winston colors. They have a medium blue coat now that is a super pretty, kind of French blue shade. I couldn’t get a good picture of it with my cell phone in that light, but here’s the stock photo:

because someone needs to buy this

It looks a bit lighter than that in bright light. It’s such a nice color, especially in the new Devon model with camel accents. Someone with a chestnut or a gray needs to buy it (looking at you, Hillary). And then of course there were all the new Winston sweaters. I was partial to the Ruby:

burgundy + elbow patches = sign me up

And approximately 9 million colors of TS sunshirts, because one thing TS really excels at is color choice (there were new breech colors too… I was oddly drawn to the Purple Heart ones). The new teal-sh looking shirt was pretty, although granted goes with nothing I own.

There were lots of pretty new show shirts from Le Fash and Cavalleria Toscana too, which I also failed at getting photos of. CT might have my favorite line of show shirts… they’re unique without being too crazy. And then of course, winning the outerwear game is Asmar. Loved this look that Luxe EQ had on one of their mannequins:

Asmar sweater, Asmar vest, Peg and Awl bag

One of these days I’ll actually go in there when I have a little more cash to burn (ha!) and buy some of the things I’ve been lusting after for years. There’s just so much cool stuff living in that mobile, it’s dangerous.


26 thoughts on “ORDERED! And other adventures…

  1. So many pretty things! Yay new boots!! 🙂

    Did you try on the Miss Shield? I was just curious if it fit the same as the other Samshield helmets. I didn’t have that experience with GPA. The Speed Air fit well, the First Lady didn’t fit at all and also looked incredibly stupid.


    1. I didn’t, mostly because all the ones that were out weren’t my size and I was too lazy to dig. Also see comment about what usually happens when I try things on. (I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER HELMET)


  2. New boots are the next thing on my list too. I’ve had the same pair of Ariats since I was 15. Which was 9 million years ago, if you’re wondering.


      1. Sad! They used to be great boots. I still have a pair of paddock boots by them as well that are just as old and the zippers JUST broke recently on them and the seams are starting to split, but those things took years of abuse, and I wasn’t exactly good about cleaning them regularly or anything. I am excited to get new boot soon, though…have had my eye on Celeris for ages but just having trouble coughing up the moolah required for a pair of those. Your new ones are so slick! Looks like a perfect fit.


  3. Oooooh new boots! I definitely couldn’t ever set foot in Luxe EQ because I would buy l the pretty things and my credit card would cry haha. So I’m glad I can live vicariously through you!


  4. Funny story. I was invited to a Trail Challenge banquet on Saturday. Heck, it involved free food so who am I to say no. They were giving away boot jacks as door prizes. After the 3rd or 4th boot jack give away I finally asked my friend what the hell trail riders would want with boot jacks? She says they are for Cowboy boots. Duh! Haha! Can you tell I am a Texas-transplant?


  5. Give me the purple TS breeches, with the Asmar vest, and sweater, and then pair with a pair of the Tucci’s with purple tops and black patent accents. That should do it.

    Oh, and use Bobby’s money to buy it for me.


  6. I can’t wait for your boots to come!!!! My top secret pair should be here in a couple weeks….
    I was lusting after those purple breeches too, but instead I got some purple ovation ones from Riding Warehouse for like 1/6 the price.


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