It was 110% as miserable as I expected, but it is done.


Next time I’m all “Maybe I could do another half marathon!”, please someone slap me. You have permission. Here’s a breakdown of how it went:

Start Line – WOOOO LET’S GO!

Mile 1 – What a gorgeous day.

Mile 2 – This is actually kind of fun, look at all these people!

Mile 3 – *playing air drums to Anti-Flag*

Mile 4 – Wow, are we still on the north side of town?

Mile 5 – The halfway point has to be around here somewhere…

Mile 6 – Yeah, halfway!! That was easy!!

Mile 7 – It’s getting a little warm.


Mile 9 – I think I have a blister, but I can’t really feel my legs, so who knows?

Mile 10 – Jesus Christ, there are still THREE MORE?

Mile 11 – Kill me. Anyone. Someone. I will pay you.

Mile 12 – Ok, one more. I can do one more. Just keep moving, legs.

Mile 13 – *don’t pass out, don’t pass out*

Finish Line – Praise Jesus, Zeus, Allah, Buddha, and Vishnu! OMG never again.

family post-finish photo

Was it fun? No. It was the opposite of fun. But we did it, so there’s that.

I would have finished in my goal time, but I stopped at the 100m to go mark to wait for my dad. Because you just don’t leave people behind, goal time or no goal time. My dad, my sister-in-law and I all started together, so we all finished together too. I can’t wait to see the finish photo of all of us looking equally miserable together.

And THEN in the afternoon I went and got a new tattoo with Beka! She was in town for the weekend, and what better way to do some blogger bonding than via new ink? Beka got a really awesome new piece that I’ll let her show you (you’ve already seen it if you follow her on Insta), and I got the last two lines from the poem Invictus:


The left side of my body needed something, since all 3 of my other tattoos are on the right. Originally it was gonna be ribs, but I think I want something bigger there, so arm it was!

Then I stuffed my face with Mexican food and fell asleep pretty much the moment my head hit the pillow. Today I’m definitely a bit stiff all over… mostly my right hamstring, and I have a pain in my left knee that probably isn’t good. The chafing is also next level. Otherwise though, I survived!

It was great to meet Beka and her husband too, she is just as cool as she seems. I did a completely terrible job of taking pictures… as in I took none. Oops. Next time.

29 thoughts on “Pain.

  1. congrats on finishing!!! it was sweet of you to wait on your dad 🙂

    i somehow have found myself back in training for one last week. i did sprints on friday. at what point do i realize im crazy and check myself in somewhere??


  2. I thought about you yesterday morning as I tried to figure out how to bend over far enough to clean some horse feet before my 8am lesson. After falling off and almost falling off a second time on Saturday and the sheer will of force it took to not fall off more than once, I was pretty sore. I whined to the clinician that I wasn’t feeling too good so if we could take it easy, that would be good. I didn’t want to fall off again. I had some Mile 11 moments when she asked us to gallop on down to the corner jump all the while screaming LEAN BACK at me for the 50th time. Today I feel like I might if I had run the 1/2 with you. Love the new tat. Come ride with me next time.


    1. I’m hoping I can make it to the next clinic! So far neither of them have worked out, but surely at some point the stars will align. Hope you had fun, despite the lawn dart. You really have to stop showing off your acrobatic skills.


  3. I love the new tattoo!

    I remember the tenth mile of my first half marathon this past fall. I wanted to die. I just kept thinking “What is the point of all of this? I’m never doing another one of these.” But somehow another half marathon got put on my 2017 goals list. I probably hate myself. Congrats on finishing!


  4. Nice work! I hate running. I’ve run I think five halves. And they are the worst. I’ve gotten slower each of the last three which is pretty defeating. But on the other hand, it feels pretty awesome to cross the finish line. I love that you did it with your family too. That’s really something.
    Nice ink too!


    1. I have to be honest, it took a lot of willpower to make myself stand at the 100m mark and wait. That whole ‘way over competitive’ mentality that has proven to be one of my biggest enemies thing. But it was worth it to cross the line together!


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