Runnin’ runnin’

Remember how I freaked out there for a minute after Henry went to rehab and agreed to run a half marathon? Yeah… that happened.

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It’s still two months away, and it’s probably a good thing that I entered it because otherwise I doubt I’d still be running much. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely needed the exercise. I’m stronger than I was before, and I’ve lost a little bit of weight (kind of. if you squint.). I’ve always had a huge mental block with running; I just don’t like it. Even when I was heavy duty into triathlons the running part was still like torture. Swimming, awesome. Cycling, even better. Running? Just effin’ kill me. So this time around I’ve tried a different approach – keeping it casual.

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First: the schedule. I’ve been sticking mostly to a 3x per week schedule, trying to avoid running two days in a row. I need that day off in between so that it doesn’t start feeling like a job, and it helps keep my compartment syndrome in check. Sometimes I run 4 days a week, if I had to cut one short because of time or something, but 3 has been pretty standard. I do two weekday morning runs that are 3 miles (aka 2 cupcakes), and then I do a long run on a weekend morning. Right now the long run is at 6 miles (aka 5 cupcakes).

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The second vital part: I don’t track my pace… I have a few set routes that I know the distance of (a couple different 3 mile loops, and a 6 mile loop), but I don’t turn on runkeeper or mapmyrun to track it. I just can’t. I’m so overly competitive (yes, even with myself) that I have the most amazing ability to take the fun out of literally everything. And there’s already basically no fun to be had in running. I know how long each run is taking me anyway, total minutes-wise, so it’s not rocket science to have a decent idea of what my pace is. I’m not worrying about negative splits or heartrate or any of that other overly analytical crap though… I just run however the hell I feel like running in the moment. It’s liberating.

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And the last, but equally vital piece: I run alone, in private. I’m up early so that I can run in the dark, before dawn, just me and our big black dog. I don’t want people looking at me, I don’t want to be forced to make eye contact and say good morning to anyone, I don’t want to talk to anyone, and I sure as hell don’t want to run with anyone. Leave me alone to suffer in peace with Twenty One Pilots and Bastille, please. I need to pretend like I still have some damn dignity.

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I burned myself out on all this stuff when I was doing triathlons, making myself crazy with my obsession with the numbers. Always trying to be faster and faster and faster. At the end of the day though, running isn’t my number one thing, I’m not that good at it, and I don’t particularly care that much. My new approach is a little bit unconventional but it seems to be working so far, since I’ve actually managed to keep up with it and don’t hate it yet.

I do think that it’s helped my riding though, especially while Henry has been recuperating. I’m still strong and reasonably fit, which has definitely helped. Will I actually keep running after the half is over? Who knows… we’ll see what happens in the next couple months…

29 thoughts on “Runnin’ runnin’

  1. Sounds like a good system! I hate running but I’ve been trying to incorporate some into my workouts this fall. I don’t think I’d ever be ambitious enough to run a half though!


  2. it seems crazy to me that youre running a half in, what is it, january? im jealous. by january i will probably not be running because it will be too cold outside and i cant run inside because i’ll shoot myself due to boredom.

    I wish I could do a triathlon tho!! ponies are prohibitively time consuming.


  3. ugh i despise running. I have a 5k next Thursday (yes on Thanksgiving morning cause we are nuts). I ran a 5 mile in July (in 95 degree heat with humidity up the wazoo) and almost died. No way i could do more than 5 miles. 3 miles about kills me LOL And i dont like running at all. But on the day of the 5k i do okay. But the prep sucks. HATE RUNNING (So kudos to you). Where is your half marathon??


  4. I am on the same page as you. I have never liked running but decided I needed the cardio bump. I have been running early mornings in the dark and I find it so much less hateful than daytime running. I can’t see far ahead, I don’t see other humans, I don’t overheat, the sun isn’t glaring at me all cheerfully – it is like running in a sensory deprivation chamber. I think I might almost like it this way. Good luck with your half marathon!!


  5. Way to go! I’ve picked up running again, and while I know I won’t do another 1/2 marathon again, I kinda like be 3-6 mile fit. I like hiking in the hills way more than running these days, and feel both help me keep riding fit. Which is why we do it, right? To stay riding fit cause we don’t do anything that doesn’t revolve around riding…


  6. I hate running too. So much. I finally got through the couch to 5k program which is awesome since I’ve literally never been able to run a mile without stopping before and now I can run 3! For some terrible reason my extremely fit, athletic friend has convinced me to do a triathlon this spring and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna die.


  7. I just started down the couch to 5k program with my husband… I have always run alone and at weird times so I didn’t see people… so this is a big change for me. I will reward myself with the cupcake system and maybe then it will suck less. 😛


  8. part of me likes running just bc it seems like the most bang for your buck if you only want to spend 20min on fitness torture… but damn. not my fave at all. props to sticking to the training routine!


  9. This sounds so much like my relationship with running. I’m currently on hiatus but oddly enough, I’d like to get back to it. Once the weather turns and I can’t ride, I intend to lace up the sneakers again. I follow a similar training plan as you do, 3 days a week, and very rarely two days in a row. It worked for me very well, and at some point I managed to run a half in 2 hours and 9 minutes. HAHAHA NEVER AGAIN THOUGH! Anyway, nice job keeping up with it!


  10. If I ever lose my mind and decide to torture myself with running again I’m going to have to try this system it sounds super workable because: I’m also obsessed with numbers (won’t let myself have a fitbit because the numbers would rule my life and I’d quit enjoying things); I hate running (yes, to being alone if I do it, let me suffer alone and not speak to anyone); I’ve always disliked running (got to that part of the couple triathlons I did and just wanted to die again. I’d be happy swimming and biking AGAIN to avoid the run.)

    If you’re running with friends for the half I hope you’ve dubbed yourself some kind of unofficial ridiculous team with associated absurd name and shirts/accessories!


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