Review: Lund Saddlery flash bridle and rubber reins

It’s a two for one review! Not just because it’s two products, but also because you get the opinion of two reviewers. I’ve been using the flash bridle and Trainer has been using the rubber reins (they went with her to AEC’s on the Lund figure 8 bridle) so I recruited her to do a write-up with her opinion of the reins.

I talked about the Lund Saddlery brand and leather in general in the last review, so I’m not going to keep repeating myself on those counts with every product from this line. Their strapgoods all use the same leather and hardware, so everything I said there applies here too. Too lazy to go back and read the other review? Short version: Sedgwick leather takes a little longer to break in but is extremely sturdy and long-lasting. The hardware is all solid SS, nothing cheap or plated.

Lovers of classic tack – the Lund line will make you happy. There are no gimmicks, no fads, just well-made items constructed from sturdy leather. I appreciate the general simplicity of the flash bridle, and the fact that while they have certainly made efforts to keep the line very classic-looking, they have not shied away from adopting modern design features when it comes to horse comfort. Specifically what is, IMO, the best feature of modern bridle design – the monocrown. The crownpiece is shaped to allow space for the ears, and it’s well padded for optimum comfort. The noseband and browband are fancy stitched, too, (h/j-ers, rejoice) which is a nice touch. I found the workmanship on the bridle to be just as good as on the five point breastplate; all the details are executed perfectly, with nary a stitch out of place.

I got Henry the full/horse size bridle. He’s usually in between cob and full, but his forehead is a fairly broad so I didn’t want to risk a too-small browband. Lund does have sizing charts for all of their tack, so if you’re unsure about what size to get, I would just ask for the chart and do some measuring. The fit on him is pretty good everywhere but the noseband… I had to punch two holes there to make it fit. Pretty typical for Henry.

❤ that padded monocrown

I have the same minor complaint about the color that I did with the 5 point breastplate (still not an Australian Nut fan on my horse) but the bridle is holding up nicely and has taken my abuse well. I accidentally left it in the bed of my truck for a few days (don’t ask) where it got rained on and then baked in 100+ degree temps, and it didn’t even look dirty when I finally rescued it. Generally I’m the type of person to lean more toward a flashy bridle as opposed to a more classically-styled one, but for day-to-day use I really appreciate a good, basic, sturdy bridle like this. It’s a true workhorse – one that can take abuse, is inexpensive, and still looks nice.

I like that the Lund bridles are sold without reins, so that you get to choose exactly what reins you want, or keep the reins you already have. There’s nothing more annoying to me than being forced to buy reins you don’t even like (I’m looking at you, laced reins) so IMO having the option is nice, plus saves you money if you already have reins you like and don’t want to buy more. Or, if you already have a bridle you like but need new reins, you can buy those separately as well.

When I asked Trainer for her thoughts on the Lund rubber reins, she really had nothing negative to say: “I am very pleasantly surprised. I have small hands and generally don’t like thicker reins. They are supple, yet sturdy. I’ve ridden in them with and without gloves, never gotten blisters from them, and do not find them to be at all slick. Even when the horses get very sweaty or the Texas humidity kicks in, they keep their tackiness. The fancy stitching is just an added bonus that my diva side loves!”

reins in action!

The retail price for the Lund Saddlery flash bridle is $200 CDN (approx $150 USD, depending on exchange rate) and the rubber grip reins are $90 CDN (approx $68 USD), making them suitable for just about any budget.

Want to win the flash bridle and rubber grip reins? Go here to enter the November giveaway!

11 thoughts on “Review: Lund Saddlery flash bridle and rubber reins

  1. I really love the crown on these bridles. They shape is better than a lot of other shaped monocrown bridles I’ve used. When Lund very generously sent me the free bridle, I went with Cob since my horse is usually between sizes, since Rob told me they are a generously sized cob. He also sent me the size chart. It works well for my horse and will work even better once it breaks in. I’ve been really happy with my bridle as well.


  2. The leather is really beautiful. I like how active Lund has been about getting blogger reviews and responding to people on social media. It makes me see them as a PERSON I want to do business with, not a company that just wants my money. I hope as they grow the customer service stays on point.

    I do trust Amanda’s reviews, she wouldn’t just talk something up for the swag. It speaks very highly of her and Lund.

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    1. I tried to talk them OUT of sending me anything! I’m picky about tack, so I warned them, but they were brave enough to give it a go anyway. Except I explicitly said to never send me laced or web reins, because the review would just be a video of me burning them. 😉 Someone else can review those!


  3. You know my thoughts. I love all of the Lund stuff I have gotten my hands on and this bridle really seems sturdy. I have already abused mine so much and it still cleans up like new.


  4. How does one even buy their tack? Their website isn’t designed well and there is nothing on their eBay. I really need a breastplate without spending a bucketload of money, and I like to pay in my Canadian dollars.


    1. It’s not completely launched yet but they do have some stock available now, so yes just message them via facebook with what you’re wanting and they can help you order.


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